Saturday, December 31, 2011


The time has come again. In just a few hours time, we shall send 2011 to a journey into the past and welcome 2012 with all our hearts.

It's the time again, where we start to sit and ponder. Without realising it, a new year has come knocking on our doors. When we start reminiscing all the good and the bad. When we smile at the memories and we frown at our mistakes. But joy still comes at the thought of a new year, for it gives us the opportunity to start afresh, to welcome more joy into our life, to let us grow through experiences, taking one step at a time, enjoying the process, reaping the outcomes.

What a year 2011 has been. Exactly one year ago, I celebrated at home. Nothing much of a celebration though. I welcomed 2011 in my dreams, for I had to work the next day. Tonight I shall be welcoming 2012 with my notes, for my final exam is approaching.

Joke of the year: Final exam is next year, why all the rush for it. Haha...It's lame, but it's funny. :)))

To all my dear friends and family who accompanied me throughout the year, I would say a BIG-HUGE-GIGANTIC THANK YOU, all the way from the depth of my heart. :) It was impossible to walk the road of life alone, as the saying, no man is an island. If I've hurt your feelings or heart, through my sarcasm and temper, I apologize. For none of the actions were intentional more out of harsh decisions, my fault.

For all the joy, happiness, laughter and love we all shared together this year, I hope that there will be more to come next year(I"m SURE there is). For all of above the essence of life, they complete our life, they beautify our life. The resulting bond formed from it, unbreakable, priceless yet so precious.

Last but not least, I wish all of you all good and pretty things to come your way. May you achieve your dreams and your goals, whatever they may be. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012, peeps! :))

*this is yet another guilty blogging. but it's new year's eve!*

Thursday, December 29, 2011


This is yet another of my endless rumbling.

Today's studying isn't going as well as expected. I dunno why but I just can't concentrate. The things I cram are not going into my brain.

Hey brain, finals is in 4 days okay, please work hard will ya?
I will reward you sufficiently soon.
Pretty please. :)

I should try harder.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cut of Water Supply

Kuantan is an amusing town. For the first time in my life, I am living in a town which will have cut in water supply for the whole town tomorrow. Wait, let me correct myself. It is now 2.31 am. In approximately 8 hours is more accurate.

In my study week. Amusing, no?

I am craving for home so badly now. Eventhough I'll be working part time when I go home, I still want to be home. Let's invent a time machine, skip finals and go home for CNY. :)

I'll be extremely happy. Haha.

Back to reality.

15days till I go home.

*Goes back to stuffing myself with notes on polllution*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas :)

This is my first Christmas in uni. Supposedly, nothing unusual happened. Then again, we as little teens, tend to be wild at time. Hence, the unexpected excursion to have McD for supper on a, Christmas Eve.

 When the clock striked 12, I was having prosperity burger. Hmm, people in Kuantan can be a little wild. They have cans of sprays ready spraying at each other and also the cars the passed by. I pity those who unexpected it.


But I guess that little excursion is good in a way too.
1. My tummy is happy.
2. It clears the mind a little. :)

Today, I had porridge for dinner. First time I ate porridge at a hawker stall in Gambang, It is so soothing to the tummy in this cold cold weather.

Bad news I got today, there will be NO WATER SUPPY on both 27th and 28th December 2011. How come no water during this monsoon season? Kuantan is weird. I still prefer Kuching, Hahaha... 16 days till I get home.

Time to hit the books again. Wish me well with my studies. Btw, Happy Boxing Day! :)

P/s: Hmm, time to get into CNY mood now that Christmas is over?? Lol.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Industrial Chemistry 2009/2010 Winter Solstice cum Christmas Gathering 2011

In this life, we walk through a path, a path solid, undescribable where we never know what lies beneath. The recent change in the semester schedule put us on a path where we now celebrate Winter Solstice and Christmas, away from home. 

21.12.2011. A day to be remembered always. A bunch of energetic young people, away from home, got together to celebrate Winter Solstice and also Christmas bringing warmth into the heart, ignoring the cold the weather brought upon us. 

Venue was at the Kolej Kediaman 4 cafeteria with steamboat and tang yuan making the main events, Christmas present exchanging the main highlight. We were all kids at heart that night. We fought over food, like starving kids. We made traditional tang yuan, round shape and non-traditional tang yuan, in the shape of dice, alien, heart, tortoise displaying the creative side of different individuals. We laughed at each other. We made jokes. 

The Christmas present exchanging moment was a memorable one. Each person goes up according to their month of birth. They then picked a number and the owner of the present comes up and present the present. 
I am fortunate to be the new owner of a present prepared by Puishi, our si jie. "A present which is expired but it can still be used. " That was how she describe the present. And I loved the present. ;)

All the food went into respective tummies, with no leftovers. We took group photo before washing up and going back to our own dormitories.

A night of joy and happiness
Filled with cheers and laughters
To the heart it lightens and warms
We are blessed, the fortunate ones.

All in all, it was a terribly wonderful gathering. Industrial Chem 2009/2010, you guys rocks and you are the best! ;)

Semester 5 classes just ended yesterday.
I can't believe it. 
How did time flies?
Soon it'll be final.
I"m looking forward to after final.

P/s: I wanted to include photos in this post. Unfortunately, the terrible internet connection forbids me. Too bad. xP

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I heard, think and thought so.

I dunno the exact happenings. But I've heard tits and bits. All I can say, is, I'm deeply disappointed in your decision.

You could have chosen a better path. With much courage of course. The determination, discipline and courage is there inside you. Why couldn't believe in yourself one more time and take that step? You told me you were bored being in that maze. I told you to walk out of it. Because I believe there's more outside that lies there for you and you can.

Remember how the spirit the both of us had? It seemed that it lasted only a month plus. I could sense what happened. I just didn't want to believe so. For I wanted us the both of us to give each other a chance. It was you  who taught me how to give others a chance. Unfortunately, sometimes, we fail to give ourselves a chance.

Now, I've heard of more things. Further confirming my thoughts. Why, my friend?

It makes it more awkward for us to see each other now, isn't it? But not returning isn't an option for me. It was one of the good moments in my life to have known you. I've never regretted it, I just think that it was a waste for you to throw your talents into the drain, just like that.

Maybe I wasn't persuasive enough. But I was not in a position to say more than I did.

I now know the conclusion is you chose that path. Sad to hear that. 22 days till I see you again, I dunno with what emotion. Sigh. It's your life, I shall just keep my mouth shut.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to home.
22 days. :))

Monday, December 19, 2011


Simple things can bring smile to one. Simple acts can warm the heart. Simple happenings keep one happy. Simple hope give one faith.

Today is a simple day with monday blues. Just one class where the lecturer gave us back our courseworks.
Not exemplary with my marks. Yet I'm happy with them. For I did worked for it and if it isn't perfect, it is all due  to my own self.

It didn't matter how others fare. For I believe that everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. But as long as we have faith. As long as we believe. As long as we continue to do our part, things will go well. This I believe.

"For hope is the feather that perched on the soul of one."

I hope I didn't get that quote wrong, It just randomly came out of my brain.

But to my dear comrades, who read this or not. I know that it is a tough time. For it is near final, near the holidays. Mixed feelings of YAY, HOLIDAY IS COMING and DARN, FINALS ARE NEAR, it exist in all of us. Just stay strong for just a few more weeks and the sign of relief will show. :)))

A contented heart is a happy heart. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Final Lecture Week

Had it just been a moonlight ago?
The classes just started.
Had it just been a blow of wind?
We started third year.

Had it really come to and end?
The semester of ups and downs.

Tomorrow. Last lecture week of this semester. Tomorrow. Just a week to wrap things up before study week.
Time flew. But I didn't notice. Now that finals is around the corner, I realised.
I wonder if I can do well. I hope so. Parents are putting high hopes, as usual.

I guess I just need to add oil, seasoning, water, salt, sugar and whatever it takes. Lol.
Time to start being hardworking. :)

Meanwhile, ignore the cough, ignore the cough, ignore the cough....
24 days till I get back to meow meow city.
MEOW. :)


Do not judge a book by its cover. I never knew you still asked about me. I never knew you guys missed me. :)
Lol. Glad that I had the chance to be part of that family.

Thankiu, dears. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Words are sharper than knife. I couldn’t agree more with this saying. Certain words are there to change your perspective, your ife, your decisions. Yet most of the time, I don’t understand them till much later. Called me a slow poke or retard but my response is simply slow.
In the seas of people I’ve met, regardless of how long I’ve known them or how much time I’ve spent with them, none have ever hit the bull’s eye as much as you did. I never acknowledge that the words that left your lips as the truth, pushing them aside as far as I could, refusing to accept them as the truth. But somehow or rather , the words crawled out of the dark looming ahead of me like shadows till I realized that, it is true what you’ve said all these while.
Yes, you’ve changed my perspective of life. Others would not understand how much your words bother me, how much your presence were felt in my life. Simply because they don’t understand-the feeling that one get when people who aren’t supposed to know you actually said the right thing.
I’ve no idea why I wrote this.
No, this is not one of those post of admiration on another living being. But perhaps it’s of happiness that there’s another who actually understands you more than you do understand yourself and also of a feeling of hate that I made myself so “naked” that you could just read me. Maybe it is the private me, who is not used to people nosing into my personal matter.
On the other hand, another you who I’ve been with the most in this three years, thank you. Thank you for making me realize that I’m indeed not alone. Thank you for giving me the strength and confidence to walk along this path. We come from different background yet there are many views that we shared and will continue to share in the future.
You might never know but all I am here is also shaped partly by you. J

Finally... :)

I'm done with my last lab report for this semester. :)

So much fuss over one lab report. Lol.

P/s: Best of luck to you, dearie Drea. May you nail the interview and secure the job! I will be praying for you. :)))

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I slept early yesterday. And I woke up feeling guilty. I left much work undone and just went to bed. Very irresponsible of me.

But I really felt tired. I woke up with a headache and a sorethroat. It is still bugging me.

Seems like the older I get, the easier it is for me to fall sick.

Last night my roommate said that I looked pale. Asked me whether I was not feeling well. Hmm, at that time I was fine just tired.

But what she said made me thought of someone who said maybe when I looked pale,  I was not feeling well, I just don't realize it.

Why must the things you say kept coming back to remind me in my life? It makes me miss your presence even more. I miss you, my lousy good friend. I want a hug. :,( Because ever so often, it just made me feel better.

The rain keeps pouring, I dunno why but rainy days make me think of home. I was feeling homesick, i spent 2 hours on the phone last night.

Soon, I can be home too. Today marks ONE month till I get home. :) Something to motivate me to study. Lol.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Excerpts from a conversation

Raphael Ong
wats d main ingredient?
Ellie Teo
rice, egg,and cucumber
with sambal
Raphael Ong
no meat?
Ellie Teo
egg is meat!
Raphael Ong
. . .
never heard tat theory before
Ellie Teo
coz chickens lay eggs
chicken is meat
egg is also meat
Raphael Ong
cows produce milk too
so milk is meat
Ellie Teo

Coffee Quotes ;)

I should be doing something else worth more than typing words that sometimes aren't incomprehensible by me myself, what more to say others who happen to read the word. Intentionally or not. But as a pure human who tries to lead a normal life, I find writing these words free the blocked flow of my mind, it sets my eyes open-wide, pour all the woes out of my heart, refilling the blood vessels in me with fresh flow of oxygen. Enabling me sit back, breath in deep and come back again to face whatever that is that is waiting.

These days I feel that I've had better control of myself. Not letting anything to distract my mood in anything I'm on at that particular moment.
Noise while studying, plug in the earplugs, on the music.
Unwanted news, let in go in through one ear, out through the other. ( No wonder we've got two ears)
Unhappiness, sign in blogger, pour my heart out.
Bored with my notes, close them and open up "Eat, Pray, Love"
Thought of people who somehow shut me out of their world, think bout how happy they made me. I can still smile.
All that it matters is, I'm living, perfectly well. :)
I can smile.

I stumbled upon some interesting quotes. Coffee quotes to be exact.

 cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.
Chocolate, men, coffee – some things are better rich.
Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.
Coffee is not my cup of tea.
Don’t drink coffee in the morning. It will keep you awake until noon.

No exact reason why I posted them. Just think that they are cute.
Meanwhile I was throwing tantrums just now. Abby is coming back to Kuching, Elaine is in Kuching, And I'm stuck in UMP on Christmas while they Starbucks or whatever it is in Spring. It sucks to be included in a conversation when you actually can't be there on the actual day.

Perhaps it's true. I don't miss the person, I just miss who I thought the person was. Interesting.....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Random Conversation Do.....

My roomies and I had very random, casual conversations last night. And it just strikes me that really, who we are are defined by we ourselves and nothing else.

It's true, friends and our surroundings play a role in building us into what we are. But then again, if we really put our heart and mind into doing something or being something, I doubt the rest really matters that much eh? xP

Up till this day I still salute my friends who after migrating over to a foreign land, still did not change much, maintaining the purest heart possible. I salute my friend who had such a great discipline I envy much. I salute my friend who despite obstacles that she faced initially, has now graduated. And those I might not mentioned specifically, but you guys never know I actually hope I have certain points that I don't.  Oh, how I hope I learn something here and there from these wonderful peoples in my life. ;)))

I'm not perfect, although like everyone else, I seek for perfection too. Or whatever that is closest to it.

Looking forward to the betterment of myself. With a strong will, I believe I can. :))

P/s: When I start working next time, I shall have a furry dog and a not-furry cat for myself. Haha.. :))

Friday, December 2, 2011

My friend & I.

I have  a friend who's four-legged, furry and has a temper like me too. Occasionally, it throws tantrums, expecting to be consoled like a little kid. Sometimes, I think my friend and I are very much the same. Haha..

we like to eat. :)
We love to stick to mummy. Okay, my friend sticks to my mummy and treats her like her mummy. Lol.
We like to be with friends. They make us feel secure. Hehe
We act cute depending on the occasion. xP
A little sad face when we're unhappy...
Or a little puppy face when we want something...
All smiles when we're happy! :)
We can be mischievious at times too! Lol. *jump*
Dreamy at times. *stares into the sky*
But whatever it is, we'll be tough as we walk the path. :))

Here's the first post for the last month of a year. :))
Have a GREAT December, everyone! ;)