Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Presentation Today.

Subject: Presentation for final year project 1 proposal
Time: 2.30-2.45pm
Place: WDK 17
Status: Done
Comments: Relief

Ah, the blissful feeling one feel after one big thing is over. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

#32 I want to be home! ;(

With tears rolling down my cheeks, all I can think of is to be home with you. I do not care that you tell me they are just light injuries. I wan to be there and care for you. I want to help you do the chores you can't do. I just want to make sure you're fine. Please heal fast. I miss you.

#30 Specially for YOU :)

I seldom do birthday post. I do remember birthdays, I thought of doing birthday posts. But somehow or rather the words always get jumbled up, I end up not doing.

Well, today I shall do one.

To YOU, my dearest friend whom I sat with for my entire life in an all girls school, the one who knew me inside out, the one who watched me fall academically, helped picked me up, the one whom I relate too, the one who patiently taught me maths and english, the one I had fun building water rocket.... The list is endless...


Time really flies. I meet you when I was thirteen and now you're twenty three. We've been friends for a decade. Gosh, that makes me feel old. But all these years, you've been truly a friend. Maybe after we started uni, we've less contact. But everytime I have a conversation with you, I've never felt that we lost any part of our friendship. And I guess that's the best thing bout true friends. No matter how far we are apart or how long have we not chat, nothing in our friendship changed. 

And for everything that you've done as a friend all these years, I thank you from the dept of my heart. I thank God too, for blessing me with you. For a friend is truly a gift indeed. And even if you're not the bestest I've ever had, you hold a special spot in my heart that no one will ever replace. 

For your twenty third birthday, I wish that you have a great celebration and all the best in your studies. :)) I wish that everything goes well with your work and no matter what stress you face, you'll be able to overcome it and come out stronger. Stay gorgeous and sweet. :))

Btw, we really need to meet up and chat! Haha.. See ya when I'm back! Till then, cheers! xD


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#29 First day back.

2 minutes till the end of today, the first day back after mid sem break. Nothing interesting, nothing sad so nothing to whine about. Lol.

First class of the day got cancelled. Second class of the day was a mundane one with the spanish lecturer lecturing spanish speaking ever so furiously in her so called good spanish mixed with terrible English and Bm, leaving the rest of us flabbergasted with her speech and act. Damn, I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to end her class. May she let me pass with the most minimum passing mark and leave her in her spanish-tic world.

Oh well, perhaps one day in the future I would suddenly think of her and what had she actually tried to convey in her bombastic spanish. Till then, I shall not bother to decipher them.

Right, I got one of my mid terms mark. Pleased to say, I'm grateful for the mark. :) Thank you God for the blessings and guidance.

Tomorrow, last lab session for this semester. Mixed feelings. Lab has been more of a carefree class this semester. The lab instructor must have given up on us, rather just leave us and see what concoctions turns out. Hehe.

And off I am on the schedule of lectures, lab, eat, sleep and study mode again. May this mode be kind to me for the rest of the semester. ;)

To the rest paddling in the same boat as me, I wish you guys all the best too. :)

I can't wait to savour laksa and kolo mee, to fight with tortoise, to hug my smelly pillow, to squeeze my cat till it squeek, to snuggle in bed with the big comfortable comforter, to have hours of girly gossips... Gasps, my list is endless. Oh, August would be great too. Waiting for you to be back. :)

And now, bed time. Night, peeps. I've babbled like an old lady tonight. xP

Sunday, April 8, 2012

#28 The Answer.

A few years back, when I was young and naive, I had a conversation with a beloved classmate. A conversation I barely remember. But this conversation struck me again, many years later. We were talking about blogging. At that time, I do not own a blog. My classmate commented that she was curious that if I were to blog, what would I blog about. I couldn't give her an answer at that time. Certain things, the answer is only definite after we are in the process itself.

So, Laine, this is the answer. I blog  whine about my life in my blog.

I whine as a part of letting go of the unhappiness that I feel. The unhappy and bad feelings that accumulate in me as I undergo many things in a day. I'm not trying to seek attention or trying to wallow in self pity.

I blog as part of self healing. I help myself to heal. I help myself to rejuvenate. I help myself to let go.

One might ask, why not speak to another living being? Why not re-channel the energy into other activities and pour the anger, sadness and joy into the accomplishment of something else?

The answers. People around me, closest to me at the moment are 99% going through a rough time if I'm going through a rough time. We are in the same boat. And what if they themselves have their own personal problems? At this age, people no longer just blurt out the problems they have. We fear of what others think and we fear of what others say,preferring to just maintain privacy. Therefore, whinning to those around me is not an option. I definitely do not want to the the one to spread the aura of negativity while I'm trying to be positive myself. :)

Channeling my energy into another thing would be a great idea if I have the option. Most of the time, I don't. I would love to channel my anger into smashing shuttlecocks, banging the cash register or chopping meats or making belacan with the pester and mortar. Those would absolutely be awesome ideas! :) Nope, these are not available here. Sad to say. ;(

Oh, sometimes I click furiously in Diamond Dash when I'm thinking, angry or stress. Games do stimulate thinking. LOL.

And now, the whinning part for today. The roommates are having test tomorrow. Hence they are extremely diligent. Staying up late, getting up early. Me on the other hand, is quite free. And I feel guilty while my fingers are going through the keyboard, their brain are absorbing information. Hmm. I shall just enjoy the last day of my holiday and stock up on sleep time I guess. Tomorrow will mark the start of another hectic week. Juggling lab and studies hadn't been much although I've been enjoying the lab part. :)))

Add ons: Thankie lots, si jie for the egg tarts! ;) They may not be the best egg tarts in the world but thankiu so muchie for the effort of making them, bringing them back here and most of all sharing them with us. *hugs*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

#27 Missing them. So much.

Fooddddd.. Food I grew up with. Food that cannot be found anywhere else apart from beloved Kuching. Sigh. Drowlingggggg.
If only there is someplace in Kuantan that sell great Kuching food.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#26 Ramblings

So, today is Tuesday. What's the big deal with Tuesday you might ask. Nothing actually. I no longer have Monday blues since I no longer have 8am classes since 7 weeks ago. Friday isn't an exceptional joy ever since I no longer have classes on Friday for quite some time.

But today is a pretty happy day, apart from the fact I felt dizzy and nauseated. But it's okay. green tea helped, a lot. And finally I satisfied my cravings for apples. Now I'm craving for brocolli. Well, anything green and fresh in fact. This is one thing the uni's cafe will never satisfy me in my 4 years here.

And somehow or rather the long chats I had with the Kl kulat replayed in my mind several times ever since I was back. I have since came to conclusion that we, maybe Teresians are an aggressive lots, commonly known as the machine gun. I've came to the realization that I'm not the only one and I would not be the last. To those out there who've feared my machine gun, please stay away from other Teresians as well. We are all trained to be like that. Do not be fooled by the sweet and demure look my friend has. Try pissing her off and you shall suffer the same fate her ex-boyfie had, nearly 5 years after they end their relationship. Well, basically she shoots like me. Hahaha...

I've learn to accept that this is one difference between us and the others and I'm proud of it. I will not tame down for anyone. :)))

Have a nice mid semester break, peeps! :)

P/s: Okay, I like words, memorizing is my passion (well, one of my passions) but polymer is a pain in the ass. Sigh.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

#25 A weekend with the kulat. ;)

The kulat in Kuantan decided to pay a visit to the kulat in KL. So off the Kuantan kulat went and spend the weekend with the Kl kulat.

Basically what the 2 kulats did were very simple things.
Eat. Watch movie. Shop. Walk around. Talk.
I think eating and talking dominates the whole trip.

But it was good. For the 2 kulats haven't met each other for awhile. And we had long hours of heart to heart talk. And the Kuantan kulat found a friend for her piggy. :)