Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm already in my third week of my second year. But somehoe, why do I feel so out of place? Why do I feel like there are many things which I can't really get used to yet? I've gone through so many tough moments, it can't be that bad here.

There are many new subjects this semester. Many calculations and many physic-ish thingy. These are tough, tough things that I have to face this semester. None of the lecturers are exactly interesting. Even Academic Report Writing class which I had look forward to before the beginning of the semester was a huge let down. I was deeply dissapointed in the lecturer's inability to confer proper information to us, what more to say, make the class interesting. All she do in her classes was to beat around the bush and most of the time, after a two hour lecture, she never reached her point. Pathetic for a so-called experienced lecturer. A total waste of my time to attend her class. But do I have an option?

Thermodynamic is the toughest so far. I have in my hand an assignment which was handed to us a week ago. I've spent many hours on it but i've only solve a few questions so far. =( The lecturer put his heart in teaching us but somehow it's just so hard.

Both lecturer for organic chemistry and instrumentation methods are both taught by foreign lecturers. Their slang needs a bit of time to get used to.

Last semester, I had fridays free. This semester or more like this afternoon we got the news that the only class on monday has been shifted to tuesday permanently. So it means I have a whole monday free.=) Great news, huh?

It means that most of my friends can go home for the weekend and most of them did it already. It kinda destroyed my mood for quite a while. I just have to admit I do get jealous of people's ability to go home whenever they want. I know I chose to come here, far away from home but that doesn't make me inhuman and have no feelings nor reactions when people mention the phrase "go home."

I know my temper isn't that good. I'm trying to control it. Really trying too. But this things just don't happen overnight. And the stress added up doesn't help much either.

Ellie just donated blood for the third time today.=)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking forward

Ah, it's such a depressing weekend. I've got assignments to do but having assignments aren't the worst part. The worst part is not knowing how to complete the assignment. Especially Thermodynamics.

On the other hand,July is coming to an end. I'm hoping that August would be a better month. There are several things going on for August. First event would be the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology dinner. I paid Rm 35 for it. It's supposed to be held af Bukit Gambang Resort, or so I heard. Not really my thing. But since I've experinced many first times here, why not let it be another first time?=) After all, my coursemates would be around, there'll be laughter, jokes and joy!=)

Next thing will be a in-the-process-of-planning Genting trip, also with my coursemates. It is still in the process as i mentioned but I sure hope the plan works out. I've never been to Genting yet. Another first time.

And at the end of August would be my coursemate's 21st birthday. So there'll be a party at his house.

But, in between those events, there are no doubt quizzes, tests, assignments and many other things that need to be completed. I just hope I'll manage to juggle them well. I really want to at least maintain my result.

Ellie is having Lee Fah Mee Sarawak Laksa Flavoured instant noodle for dinner tonight.=)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear God

Dear God,
Ellie is writing this in a desperate mode. She knows she has to work hard. She knows she must be focus. But she really don't understand what she is reading. Especially THERMODYNAMICS.

Ellie really really want to do well. So can you please be with her and guide her as she studies?

Thank you, God...

Monday, July 19, 2010


I should have paid more attention to Physics when I was in Form 4 and Form 5. Sigh... I never knew studying Industrial Chemistry won't grant me freedom from Physics. Sigh... I guess all I can do is work HARDER this sem to avoid being MURDERED by Thermodynamics. Soooo much physics in it. I can't even complete the first exercise decently. SAD...=(

Instrumentation method. I think I need some more time to know what I'm reading. Haha... At least I have a proper book for it. I just need to be PATIENT and spend more time to decipher what it is all about.

Industrial management. Ah... this should be all about memorising. I hope I'm right.

I'm praying to God to keep me strong and overcome all the obstacles that come by my path. Dear God, I have faith in you and I believe what you plan for me are the best. I shall STRIVEEEE harder this sem. Partially to make sure I still stay in Dean's List. The rest is too satisfy my personal craving of "kiasuness" spirit implanted from being a Teresian. Haha...

Ellie's tummy is still refusing UMP cafe's cooking. Perhaps it is still craving for those mouth watering dishes back home. Oh well, dear tummy, you still have to wait till I get back in September.

Ellie better get back to "what are management processes". 46 days to go.=)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The first week had offcially ended. I went to class, did my assignment currently trying to make head and tail of thermodynamics, but, I've not gotten my studying mode yet.

Sometimes I feel too long a holiday onlu leads me to laziness. Perhaps it's just about me.

Noooooo.... I can't afford to be lazy anymore! There's quiz starting next week and more and more work to be done.

I should really cut down the time i spent online. Lol...

Ellie better get back to her work. Since she's going to Kuantan later...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Salah

My Organic Chemistry lecturer's aame is Dr. Salah. Ever since we knew that's his name, we laughed everytime he was mentioned. Today he entered the class and after introducing himself, he said, " Salah means good in my language. My language is arabic." That's the first time I know that salah means good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in UMP(3rd semester)

“Ah, still got long time to go lah….” I said that when I first when back to Kuching and when my people question when will I return to Pahang.

The long time finally came to and end and yesterday I boarded Air Asia AK 5205 1155am plane to Kuala Lumpur.

It wasn’t a good day to travel, I would say.

First of all, Air Asia decided to upgrade their system on this day and passenger are advised to check in 3 hours earlier. But it wasn’t necessary actually so I was already at the airport around 8 something in the morning.

Secondly, the flight got delayed. I was supposed to arrived at LCCT at 1.35 pm but when I reached it was already 2.45pm. And to wait for my luggage took ages too.

Thirdly, I though I was on the same flight as Charlotte. It turned out her flight is one hour later.

By the time I reached UMP, it was 10.30 pm. Thanks to senior Chen Thai, I managed to get back all my stuff last night too. But I was dead tired. Carrying all my stuff up to third floor is no fun at all.

Today is the first day of first semester, second year. It was a good day, I think.
My first class was at 10am with Dr. Amin lecturing Instrumentation Method. He has this Indonesian slang when he talk so sometimes I’m not so sure what he was saying. But he tried to make jokes so it was an okay class.

The next class was at 5pm with Pn. Munirah, my lecturer for Ethics Relations. She was great, we laughed throughout the class. =)

Hmm, what I really hope?

To be able to obey what I wrote. =)