Monday, December 12, 2011


Words are sharper than knife. I couldn’t agree more with this saying. Certain words are there to change your perspective, your ife, your decisions. Yet most of the time, I don’t understand them till much later. Called me a slow poke or retard but my response is simply slow.
In the seas of people I’ve met, regardless of how long I’ve known them or how much time I’ve spent with them, none have ever hit the bull’s eye as much as you did. I never acknowledge that the words that left your lips as the truth, pushing them aside as far as I could, refusing to accept them as the truth. But somehow or rather , the words crawled out of the dark looming ahead of me like shadows till I realized that, it is true what you’ve said all these while.
Yes, you’ve changed my perspective of life. Others would not understand how much your words bother me, how much your presence were felt in my life. Simply because they don’t understand-the feeling that one get when people who aren’t supposed to know you actually said the right thing.
I’ve no idea why I wrote this.
No, this is not one of those post of admiration on another living being. But perhaps it’s of happiness that there’s another who actually understands you more than you do understand yourself and also of a feeling of hate that I made myself so “naked” that you could just read me. Maybe it is the private me, who is not used to people nosing into my personal matter.
On the other hand, another you who I’ve been with the most in this three years, thank you. Thank you for making me realize that I’m indeed not alone. Thank you for giving me the strength and confidence to walk along this path. We come from different background yet there are many views that we shared and will continue to share in the future.
You might never know but all I am here is also shaped partly by you. J

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