Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KL on Thursday, Kuching on Saturday!

It's time for the mid semester break! Wheee.... =)

After about 7 or 8 weeks in UMP, it's again the time to go home. Ah, home sweet home. I'll be eagerly waiting to have nice food for 2 weeks before coming back again. I'll love to squeeze my kitty till it meows in annonyance. There'll be sooo much to do back home. Hehe...

But I'll miss by big big gang here too. =)

The big big gang...=)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

AWESOME August! =)

Again, it’s already the end of another month. But it was an awesome month.
First highlight of this month is the Malam Aspirasi Fakulti Industri Sains Dan Teknologi 2010. This event is the first for our faculty as it is the newest faculty in UMP. It was held at Bukit Gambang Resort. The night started at 8.30 pm but we boarded the bus from UMP at 6.30pm. even before the event started, we had plenty of laughter and took many pictures for the wonderful night.

The night was termed “Glamourous” but we, the second year girls all wore no special outfit just normal pants and shirts. Unlike the seniors and juniors who wore dresses. The guys in our course commented that we all dressed so simply compared to the juniors. Haha.. there were performances that night but there were mostly singings performed by the Malays. Some were not bad but some were terrible.
That night was special to me too. It was the second time I made it into the Dean’s List for semester 2 2009/ 2010. There were 5 of us who made it into the list for this semester who are : Suria, Chang Yao, Esther , Pei Yee and I . =)

I actually planned to sit with my big, big gang at the same table. Unfortunately, I was seated at another table with the other Dean’s List recipients. However, the rest of them were allowed free seatings so they chose a table behind the table I was seated. It worked that way, thus I had places at two tables that night. Lol..
When the programme had officially ended, we had more photo taking sessions. Some with our own friends and many others with our own coursemates. =)
All in all, it was a night filled with many many laughter. *beams*

Another awesome happening this august is the trip to Genting Highlands with my coursemates on the 15th to 16th August, 2010. The 2 days 1 night trip was indeed a trip filled with many first times and new experiences. We booked our place with a tour agency called Muhibbah.
On the day itself, we walked to the bus stop at kk 4 where the bus will pick us up from around 4am. Actually the night before that we were all excited about the trip already and doing countdown through facebook. It all started with Chang Yao posting , “Is countdown our gang trip:).”

The bus only came around 6am. We actually planned to catch up on sleep in the bus as most of us only slept around 3 hours that night. However, there was an obese person abroad the bus, snoring and making funny noises as he slept, disturbing our sleep in the process. We stopped along the way to have our breakfast.

Around 9.30 am we reached the cable car station . that marks my one of my first time at Genting, which is to sit in the cable car.=) it was wonderful! As it was too early to check in for the rooms, we left our bags with the counter and off we went for our exploration on Genting. The rest of them wanted to go into the theme park but esther, pei yee and I were not so into theme park games. Thus, we went window shopping instead. After we got the cards to the rooms, we checked the rooms and then went down to GohTong Jaya, to visit the strawberry farm, mushroom farm, orchid farm and many other farms. That’s the first time I saw a real strawberry and ate a real strawberry. =) it was tasty, totally nothing like the usual strawberry taste. =)

I tried many strawberry specialties. Strawberry flvoured milk tea, strawberry flavored coffee, strawberry fried chicken wings, strawberry ice cream cake, strawberry milk shake, strawberry ice cream. Hehe.. the atmosphere there was peaceful and nice… it was so relaxing. =)

Dinner was steamboat with the whole crazy gang. There wasn’t anything special about the food but I guess it was the joy of eating together that made the dinner special. =)

We went to the casino after dinner. There were 3 of us underage kids among the big gang but we went in too. Haha.. First, we went to visit the old casino. It was large and more smelly compared to the new casino. In the end, they decided to have a few tries at the new casino. unfortunately, luck was not on their side. Qian, Wei Zhen and Chang Yao lose Rm 150. Approximately 12 am, we went back to our rooms, barely half an hour later, we grouped up at Qian's room to gamble among ourselves. Lol.. I joined in too. ( another first time ) Well, I had a little luck so I won Rm 6. 3am, we called it quits and went back to join dreamland. The weather was very cooling and thus, no air conditioner nor fan was needed for the night yet it still kept in bundled under the thick blankets. It has been such a long time since I slept in a such comfortable bed. =)

I woke up around 9.30 am the next morning. Had breakfast on the bed with GG accompanied by the television. Something on Peter Pan and Captain Hook was the show at that time. And we continued lazying around in bed till 12pm, the time to check out.

All of us met at the lift and proceeded to do the check out procedure. Simple, fuzz-free procedure by a check out machine. That's the first time I saw such a machine. Kinda sakai.. haha...

The rest of them wanted to go into the casino again but i refused too. So Esther, Pei Yee and I went into Snow world instead. -7 degree celcius.But it was a wonderful time inside there. Time passes to quickly when we enjoy it most. It was already time to say goodbye to Genting and we hopped on the bus, arriving at UMP at 9.30pm. But I'll never forget this trip.

To all of them who made it so memorable, Chang Yao, Wei Jian, Esther, Pei Yee, Foong Qian, Pui Shi, Wei Zhen, Sing Ying, GG, EE and Shue Wah, THANK YOU! =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy busy busy

It's time for mid term test!!!

After the wonderful trip to Genting Highlands with my beloved coursemates, it's time to have sleepless night and do more slogging with my books. 1 more weeek till I'm free, 2 more weeks till Raya holiday! Yippee... =)

Shall blog on the august events soon.=)

Till then, Ellie shall continue her revision.