Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fb Hiatus

Okay, I've been meaning to do a fb hiatus for quite sometime. But I've been meaning to do in it my heart only, not in action.

I chatted with someone on msn last night. That was when I realise that I should really try. I think I've been too much of this social network addict, I really need some rest. I dunno how long I would maintain this hiatus. But a few days of break is better than none.

I'm sure that no one even realized that I deactivated my account. LOL. Not surprised though. I just want a break from all these happenings lately. Quoting one of my friend, Fb is not longer a place merely for socialising and keeping in touch with friends anywhere. It has become a place to show off. How true.

Anyway, I think that probably blogging is better than facebooking. But I guess it kinda depends on each and everyone out there.

P/s: Ellie is such a pig today. She slept during lunch time. =p

Saturday, February 26, 2011


During my section's public speaking first assessment on informative speech, one of them used a quote. He said that," When at home, we are dependent on our families, but when we are outside, we are dependent on our friends."

I think it was a chinese proverb, or something like that. I truly agree with what he said.

Especially at a time like this, when we are all away from home. No more running to mummy if anything happens. No more throwing tantrums anytime and anywhere or anyhow. No more screaming or shouting to let go of the anger. Because we are all away from home and there's limited privacy.

I used to think that I will not be able to trust anyone much. But I was wrong. Seriously wrong.

Trust is like a tree. When one break another's trust, it is like breaking the tree. It is hard to let the tree grow again.

Some people can influence you so much, sometimes you don't even realise it.

I believe this is the path of life that God planned for us. There are times when we are down, but after that there will be a time when we are all happy.

It's like the rainbow after the rain.

But rain isn't that bad too. There's something to learn in the rain. =)

P/s: Ellie is exteremely happy today.=)))))

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It’s past midnight on a normal weekday. I should probably be doing something beneficial such as sleeping ( not feeling well, thus I’ve been sleeping a lot), or make some progress in my assignmentssss or maybe do some reading. Urmm, but I supposed I feel like doing some writing. So perhaps a few, okay maybe more than 10 minutes on a blog is harmless.

I wasn’t in a good mood last Thursday. It was due to several events which was not favourable to me. But one of the case which disappoints me the most, was not the first time to have occurred. Perhaps the problem is with me, but as far as I’m concern I can’t find the reason yet. And it just occurred that perhaps the problem is not with me but with the other person concerned. I’m not right all the time, but at the same time, I’m not wrong all the time either right?

This thought certainly cheered me up, after all the unnecessary crying to vent out my stress and frustration. And I thought of another thing as well. I realized that I have a choice in everything I do. Like how they have a choice to treat me they way they did. I too, have a choice to not react in a bad way, to make sure that the surroundings does not affect me and that I have a choice to do whatever I want to do and what I think is right.

A status update by a friend in facebook reflects what I was thinking too. Theory of knowledge, do not be a thermometer and let the surroundings affect you, be a thermostat and affect the surroundings. How true this is at this moment. I totally love this quote.

No matter how bad things are, there’s always a way out and a better way to view things. When we’ve found that way, we can all see the rainbow. =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Letting go...

I've been uncertain most of the time. Sometimes, I can ignore the feeling of uncertainty. But when I feel down, it seems to be empowering me. It can drive me to tears. And that's the part I hate the most.

Why is so hard to let go of the past and everything unhappy from it? Can't it be just like a thumbdrive or something where one can just press the delete or reformat or whatever other button that instantly vanish all the bad and just leave the good.

I want to be a normal girl, whatsoever unhappiness please go away. I wanna let go of whatever that does not belong to me and will not belong to me. Hugging on to it while part of me tells me that it is pointless is a suffer.

Please God, on this day I pray to you to make me calm and guide me in my actions and words. For there's no other greater than you are. Your guidance and blessing I seek. Please keep my family and friends safe everyday and everywhere. Thank you, God.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life ;)

Like a boat with an oar,
God sat in it and steered it with the oar
To south, east north or west
We’re like passengers, sitting in it with a vest.

Sunny, windy, rainy or stormy
Flowers, trees, water and creatures
Witnessed by the eyes, the other great creations
As life goes on, we go through many things

The journey in the boat, can sometimes be bumpy
Things underwater, not seen but making merry
Clear in some places, in other places murky
The water that we tread on, slowly and silently

But god is ever mighty
His skills are definitely worthy
So well and complete the journey
Staying afloat the boat, capsizing not a worry.

Every path and journey we went
God’s right there, wherever you are, whatever you do
Trust that it’s a good day, no matter where, no matter when
Everyday is a great day, if only you believe in it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post CNY stress.;(

I've got about 3 main things that I have to complete before the start of the second part of the semester. Bad news: I've not fully completed a single one. Sob sob sob...;(

This is the effect of procrastination. So into CNY mood and holiday mood plus a certain element of laziness. And certain information are so hard to be found. Wuuuuu....

Aiya, after I finish writing this, I will still have to go on and finish them. Pray to God I can finish them before midnight. Oh wellzzz, my own fault.

P/s: chinese sausage porridge didn't turn out that bad after all. =)

Chinese New Year Dialogues. =p

Grandma: Ah Kheng also got come back from singapore. She use tiger head plane. ( translated from Teochew)
Me : Mum, what's tiger head plane?
Uncle: Tiger airlines. If tiger head bank then is Maybank.

Grandma: Ah Miin and Ah Ren can have boyfriend liao.See, Ah Yau already got girlfriend. Ah Lih, you're still too young.
Both my cousin and I: Har!? We are just one year apart. Got difference?
Grandma: *went on talking bout her future grandaughter-in-law*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The world is a STRANGE place.

I planned not to go back during Chinese New Year cum mid semester break. Then Firefly came along and its price was within budget. So home I flew to the discovery of many strange happening. The world is indeed a strange place.

But for all the strange happenings, I thank God. I'm one happy person in this strange, strange world. =)