Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dear 24-year-old me,
Today is the day I bade my farewell to you. 
Today is the day I legally can no longer proudly exclaim to everyone, “I’m twenty four only!”
In actual fact, today is just another day. 
Just that magically, I had to plus one to twenty four.

It had been a rollercoaster year isn’t it?

We started off high.


Yes, finally after years of education, you earned that piece of paper, enjoyed the few minutes of fame on stage receiving the scroll and realized that omg, graduation day was such a tiring day. Nevertheless, you’re still happy you made it. You can tell people you have a degree.
In fact graduation wasn’t an ending. It was a commencement. To a more adventurous future.


You promised your sv you would come back after intern and be his slave in the lab. 
You kept your promise and became his slave.
You realize just sunk your feet into one lonely journey doing the thing you love.

And you discovered 16 hours in the lab was possible. Plus there weren’t any ghost in the lab when you overnight there.


Postgrad may be a lonely journey but you discovered someone who was willing to be by your side. 
Who checked on you umpteenth times a day, even after a year. 
Who lend his ears to your horrible cries when your experiment failed and your furball died. 
Who shared his shoulder for you to bite just because you felt like doing so.


You made use of your talkativeness, up-ed your courage and joined “Three minute thesis competition.”
With consolation prize, you even saved some money from groceries.

It had been a great year, twenty-four-year-old me.

Hello, twenty five year old me. J

Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodbye, furball darling

Dear furball,

Your arrival on 22 Sept, 2014 was totally unexpected. Simply because we didn't know Mummy Milky was pregnant.

Together with your three other siblings, you guys brought us mixture of emotions.
Suprised as we weren't expecting you.
Excitement as it had been a long time since we had baby kitties.
Anxiousness as we're afraid how Bubble will cope with your existence.

Yet we gladly receive your presence.

From wet little things which we couldn't even decipher your exact colour, to wobbly kitties and finally a little monkey with beautiful fur and bright blue eyes, you've bought joy and laughter to us.

To our delight, Bubble love you too. Your presence changed her from a grumpy cat to a super manja cat who was afraid she'll lose our attention to you. She delightfully offers her treasured box to you and licks you lovingly. In fact, you look so much like her, people actually thought that you were her offspring.

I'm glad I made that trip home to see you.
You stole my heart from the moment I set my eyes upon you.
You loved to be cuddled and needless to say from a bunch of monkeys, you were the most gentle and fragile looking one.
While others just somehow swing their way up to the upper compartment of the cage, you used the stairs.
I've no regrets over the hundreds of ringgits I spend on you guys.
Coz money couldn't buy the joy and happiness you brought me.

Because that was the first six days I spent with you.
The days I spent gaga-ing over you.
And those were the only days I spent with you.

My only regret is I didn't have the means to bring you up healthy and well.

Turning a quarter of a decade old in two days time, I thought I'll be able to handle your leaving well. How wrong was I.

I love you, furball.
And someday I'll see you again in the clouds.

Rest in peace.