Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Random Conversation Do.....

My roomies and I had very random, casual conversations last night. And it just strikes me that really, who we are are defined by we ourselves and nothing else.

It's true, friends and our surroundings play a role in building us into what we are. But then again, if we really put our heart and mind into doing something or being something, I doubt the rest really matters that much eh? xP

Up till this day I still salute my friends who after migrating over to a foreign land, still did not change much, maintaining the purest heart possible. I salute my friend who had such a great discipline I envy much. I salute my friend who despite obstacles that she faced initially, has now graduated. And those I might not mentioned specifically, but you guys never know I actually hope I have certain points that I don't.  Oh, how I hope I learn something here and there from these wonderful peoples in my life. ;)))

I'm not perfect, although like everyone else, I seek for perfection too. Or whatever that is closest to it.

Looking forward to the betterment of myself. With a strong will, I believe I can. :))

P/s: When I start working next time, I shall have a furry dog and a not-furry cat for myself. Haha.. :))

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