Saturday, June 21, 2014

#2 Woes of Postgraduate student: HEART ATTACK

Yours truly went out happily for lunch followed by tea break at Secret Receipe with the roomie. Well, my ex-roomie but I still address her as roomie. Lunch was at the chap fun shop as usual, where I had rice with dunno-call-what vege and steamed egg with mince pork. Then at Secret Receipe I had a slice of chocolate cheesecake and a glass of apricot and orange slushie. Super happy or my tummy was the one super happy packing away all the fats lah. 

Anywas, I came back to lab then the boyfriend called. So I answered the call at the lab where I usually do my labwork. 
Was hovering around there when suddenly I realized, "WHERE DID MY OTHER VACUUM PUMP WENTTTT!????" 

Started panicking because the pump cost about 1K. Went around the  labs to search for it and asked around. Until one of the fyp student told me, "The other student took it to the other lab to use. "


Can don't give me heart attack or not har!?? My heart is very weak one. 

Kinda pissed off at them for making me hunt for nothing. But I didn't want to scold them. In the end, I wrote and email asking them to inform me if they want to move the assests elsewhere. 

Fuhh. End of heart attack. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

That Time of the Month

It was the time of the month. And pain was anticipated, as usual. The me when to the work as usual. Slight discomfort but still bearable. Few hours later, I had to swallow my words. The pain's intensity increased and the me started to sweat, cold sweats.

I knew where that discomfort would get me. Learning from previous 'blackout' epsisode, the me decided to head back to the hostel, to the comfort of the bed.

And yeah, I literally crawled back to the hostel.

After popping painkillers and consumed a glass of hot ginger tea,the me climbed into bed and burried myself among my pillows and blanket.

*dejavu feeling*

Was it just 2 years back when I was in a similar situation but with the musketeers with me?

It happened in the lab too. I remembered how they accompanied me to the clinic then back to my room and after that came over to check at me again.

At that moment, I really really miss them. Uni has never been the same without them, ever.

Yours truly was in pain, lack of company and really craving for some source of comfort. Which isn't exactly me. Since the me has always been quite independent.

The lion not being around didn't help much either. In fact it made matters worse.

The next day when the lion came back into range, the me broke down over the phone. I was missing my besties THAT much. ;(

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello June! xD

I've not being very hardworking in updating my blog. To be honest, most of the time, I write but I chickened out and the draft remained kept in the draft section. Sometimes I felt that what I wrote was a little tad too private. And posting it on my blog make me feel naked. Vulnerable. Like a de-skined chicken. Lol. 

It's June. We're practically halfway through the year 2014. I felt that I need to do some sort of a review of my half year. Like how companies review the performance of the employee. Like how students have their first semester exams. I'm not working and I'm a student who do not have exams. Therefore, I shall review myself. Lol. 

*warning, it might be a little biased* LOL. 

First, how bout a little review of my current research?
I started off 2014 with a little sour note on my research. I did A LOT of experiments. But none came out a success. It was only somewhere at the end of February I managed to *cough* out some results which is usable. 
After that I had been struggling with the writing part.
And I'm still struggling with it.
Nevertheless, I finished writing a conference paper. And currently working on my manuscript for publication. By standards,the later is much harder.
The are soooo many graphs to be plotted and analyzed. The later part is causing much confusion too. #midnightgraphwoes
But I really really wanna write well, so I'm still working on it. 
I have two more characterizations to do for this project. 
So for June, I hope to able to finish them up and get good results for those characterizations. And ideas for new project, please come to meeeeee... Lol. 

Next, about my erm, love life. hahahahaha... 
Not exactly one topic I discussed openly very much here. 
Well, the Lion is a very much reserved person. Don't talk much. Don't smile much. How in the world did I get into a relationship with him is still much of a mystery to myself. But over the months we've been together he has changed quite a bit too. 
He knows how to smile now. Lol. But erm, much improvement is still needed in the talking department. xP
But I think I've learnt a bit more about him.
Something I realized about relationship. While it's good to have someone to be there for you; lend you a shoulder when you cry;listen to you when you complain;encouraged you when you face obstacles;shower you with attention, love and care all the time, the bad part is I feel like I've started to be more dependent on him.
Where did the independent me went??? Hiding behind a tortoise shell? @.@
I'm still much pretty myself. Being able to function properly without him, going on with my usual life and doing what I'm supposed to do. But I've started to feel more attached. Like how I feel attached to my Bubble.
Good or not? I'm not sure. Let's see how much thing really goes.

Conclusion of review.
The me should work harderrrr. Haha.
Not entirely satisfied with my performance (for work) but I'm only human. There should be some rooms for improvements that exist.

Month of June, please be niceeee to meeee. xD I can't wait to end you happily. And I'll work harder to end you properly. Lol. Step 1, burn midnight oil on 1st June for manuscript writing. Haha.