Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas :)

This is my first Christmas in uni. Supposedly, nothing unusual happened. Then again, we as little teens, tend to be wild at time. Hence, the unexpected excursion to have McD for supper on a, Christmas Eve.

 When the clock striked 12, I was having prosperity burger. Hmm, people in Kuantan can be a little wild. They have cans of sprays ready spraying at each other and also the cars the passed by. I pity those who unexpected it.


But I guess that little excursion is good in a way too.
1. My tummy is happy.
2. It clears the mind a little. :)

Today, I had porridge for dinner. First time I ate porridge at a hawker stall in Gambang, It is so soothing to the tummy in this cold cold weather.

Bad news I got today, there will be NO WATER SUPPY on both 27th and 28th December 2011. How come no water during this monsoon season? Kuantan is weird. I still prefer Kuching, Hahaha... 16 days till I get home.

Time to hit the books again. Wish me well with my studies. Btw, Happy Boxing Day! :)

P/s: Hmm, time to get into CNY mood now that Christmas is over?? Lol.

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