Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of Break, Start of Mid term Testsss....

My official break ends officially today.

My mid terms starts tomorrow. One tomorrow, two on wednesday and one more on thursday.

Okay, I've prepared some but I'm not fully prepared.
Just hoping for the best.

Dear brain, please don't go blank during any of my papers. Turn as much as you can. Thanks. I'll reward you with good food after that, I promise. :)

Is looking forward to this weekend. :))))

All the best my dear friends who are sitting for mid terms as well. xD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

To nail or be nailed, that's the question.

It's a beautiful Thurday morning, with the sun shining, not to brightly. The virgin forest behind helped a lot in supply ample fresh air, far away from the pollutants in the city. 

I've been thinking and I can't stop my brain from thinking. Do we actually plan our life? 
Or life is a plan that had been plan, our role is just to play along the script and go with the flow? 

We can never see future, predict nor set the future. So many things, turn out the unexpected way. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse. But we survived, didn't we? Then will there be a time when we don't survive and just drown in the sea of life? 

I'm not being pessimistic here. 
I know that we have to strike by hook or by crook for whatever we desire in life. 
Yet is there anyone who can tell me that hard work is all that it gets to get our way in life? 
I've seen so much in my 22-years-of-life to know better. 
Recent events have lead me to further believe that hard work isn't the only answer. 

Then again, what else can we do apart from striving and struggling?
I don't know. 
I guess it depends on the situation.
At that certain time, certain place and with certain people. 
God bless.

P/s: Unit Op, why you no easy? 
I think I prefer nailing you than to be nailed by you. 
Tortoise, I know lah, you got new toy liao. Suan le bah. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Life is full of surprises. Expected and unexpected. Looked forward and dreaded. They come when you least expect them.

Who would know that it will come to an end in such a way? It wasn't supposed to be this way isn't it? I don't want it to be this way either.

Call me a coward for not wanting to face reality. But like what everyone know, reality is harsh. Can I choose not  to accept it? Please? Will it change the fact if I say pretty please extremely nice and polite?

I don't think so, right?

At this moment, I feel like talking to the only one who knows what's going on.

But the fear of getting too attached to someone I'm not supposed to is deterring me.

Someone, please tell me what to do. :(


Special break for Deepavali started last Friday. Unlike those whose hometown are nearer to uni, I don't get to go home( no hard feelings here, just stating the fact).

I offcially have the whole room to myself last night. It's a good thing I guess, as I really have lots of studying to do for mid-term tests. ( Notice the 'S'? )

Well, last saturday, I joined a trip to Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru to attend the Bon Odori Festival. Bon Odori Festival is actually mid-summer celebration. Japanese food was sold and there were lots of performances. Their performances were awesome. :)) Energetic. Full of feelings. They really put their heart into it. I took part in the Bon Odori dance too.*beams*

The funny thing bout this trip, the bus driver doesn't know his way. Plus he took us to UTM in Skudai. So we had to depend on GPS to get our way there and also our way back. LOL.

By the time I reached UMP, it was 3.30am. I slept till 11am. =p

Sunday was supposed to be peaceful. Unfortunately, we got this bad news that my coursemate and her friend were involved in an accident the night before. We went to the hospital to visit her. Glad that her condition isn't that serious but she'll need time for recovery. Praying for her to have a speedy recovery with no complications. :)

After the visit, we went to Tutti Frutti. Hmm, not bad lah. Original flavour is still the best. :)))

I hate those spells when low blood pressure strikes me. I feel dizzy and I might faint. Fatigue follows. And then headache that can last for how long it wanna last.:(

To my dear friends who were with me, sorry for scarring you guys. But thanks for all the help and assistance given. :)

P/s: Wanna talk but dunno what to say. :(

Friday, October 21, 2011

The End of Another Week

Finally, another week has come to an end. Never knew since when, the days in a week began to rush through, like the ferocious wind that came to sweep down all the trees. Never realise how I started to spend less time in my room, like the bee that goes out in the morning to collect the honey and only come home at night. Never discovered that human's biological clock can be manipulated. I used to have afternoon naps but I no longer have the luxury of time to do so these days.

When the week comes to an end with no more classes on Fridays, I still feel binded. Binded like a rope tying me to a chair. When the word quiz is formed on the lips of lecturer, especially certain lecturer, I feel like there's someone pulling the rope tighter and tighter on the end. Oh, I forgot to mention, lab reports are always there every week to accompany no matter how much I detest them. :(

Mid- sem test approaching, like how the cloud that brings the rain is looming. Remember how one can always smell the rain as it is slowly making its way before it arrives with a big splash?

It may sound like a distant, a week. But I guess before I know it, the week is already here. Add another blink, that week is over. At this point, I'm afraid I might not have enough time to actually do all the studying and reading.

Nevertheless, I won't know how much I can achieve without trying, right? :)))

I guess this will also serve as a reminder for me to work hard. :)

P/s: I know what I promised you. I will keep my promise. :)))

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A busy busy day today. 
Lab from 9am to 12pm. Class from 2pm to 6pm, inclusion of a much-dreaded-but-glad-it didn't-turned-out-that-badly quiz. More class (replacement class) from 8.30pm to 10pm. 

Plus I think it has been a long time I actually send a text to a friend saying that I'm stressed. Lol. 
Life is so packed and tiring these days. Certainly, part of the reason is that much more is expected of third year students, I guess.

But recent conversations with several others had shed more light on the current life I'm leading. I'm not alone and I'm not the one who is not so comfortable with the on-going transition. I'm a little glad know that I'm not the odd one out and that what I'm facing is also a fact placed right in front others in the same boat as me. It certainly gave me the courage to go on and hold on, to keep trying and trying and not get tired of this life. 

"Life is like a beautiful song, only it's lyrics are messed up."

Sidenote : Glad and happy to have someone who listen to my woes. :)))))))))

Saturday, October 15, 2011

sTRenGtH. ;)

I need the strength to get through all of it. 
Safe and sound. 
Please, dear God. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ellie is happy. 
And ready to face the tough times ahead. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey, YOU. :)

What's up these days?
 I'm supposed to be busy, but I thought of talking to you. 
Nah, I don't have much to say actually.
Just think that hearing to you talk makes me feel better. :)
The not-feeling-well part, as usual.
The busy with classes and assignments, common.
The I-dunno-how-to-survive, normal lah.
Oh, new addition. 
I bet you haven't heard of this.
Not so good marks for quizzes.
I think my coursemates are getting more and more hardworking these days.
Time to catch up and add more fuel. 
Till then, take care. :))))

Lots of love, Lielie

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Of chickens and readings.

I had chicken rice for lunch yesterday.
I had KFC which contains chicken for dinner yesterday.
I had chicken rice for lunch again today.

Notice the repeating word? =p

Peaceful saturday.
Yay! :)

I've trouble digesting two documents.

I tried making notes, to no avail.

I think I'll just move on to something else. =p Haha...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Old tortoise

It's friday!!!!!
No classes.

But I feel like an old tortoise.
Backache had been bugging me on and off for weeks.
Okay, for since I've resettled down here in uni.
Crap. It. Hurts. A. Lot.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's friday tomorrow. ;))))
Smile brightly, but this smile tend to subside as the author thought of the amount of work to be done.

But but I can definitely survive, right?
Yes, I can and I will.

To dear-long-list-of things-to-be-done,
I will EAT you up.

Deepavali holiday is in two weeks time.
Hence the amount of replacement classes had been mounting,
I don't hate the replacement classes nor the holiday.
I hate the after effects. *YAWNNNNN*
Another holiday a week after the Deepavali holiday, called mid-term break.
Sad news is, me is not going home for either holiday.
Sob sob sob...;(

Funny how you never expect to meet a person like that.
Funnier how you seem to click with that person.
Funniest is how you can't get them out of your mind.
Friends, they can change your world.

Hey, you out there. Yes, YOU. ;)
It's not that I'm not interested to chat with you.
I just don't want to get too attached to you.
It is so hard adjusting back here.
I've just started to stop depending on you.
But you're still in my mind and holds a special place in my heart.

P/s: Lielie misses the big tortoise.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A mixture of Emotions.

It's a beautiful weather tonight. Perfect for sleeping. But I feel so suffocated. I can't breath under the pile of work I feel that I need to complete.

I'm afraid I fail my own expectations. But I dunno how to make myself feel better.

Perhaps some tears will do the trick.

I just want a hug from you. :(