Friday, December 2, 2011

My friend & I.

I have  a friend who's four-legged, furry and has a temper like me too. Occasionally, it throws tantrums, expecting to be consoled like a little kid. Sometimes, I think my friend and I are very much the same. Haha..

we like to eat. :)
We love to stick to mummy. Okay, my friend sticks to my mummy and treats her like her mummy. Lol.
We like to be with friends. They make us feel secure. Hehe
We act cute depending on the occasion. xP
A little sad face when we're unhappy...
Or a little puppy face when we want something...
All smiles when we're happy! :)
We can be mischievious at times too! Lol. *jump*
Dreamy at times. *stares into the sky*
But whatever it is, we'll be tough as we walk the path. :))

Here's the first post for the last month of a year. :))
Have a GREAT December, everyone! ;)

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