Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I heard, think and thought so.

I dunno the exact happenings. But I've heard tits and bits. All I can say, is, I'm deeply disappointed in your decision.

You could have chosen a better path. With much courage of course. The determination, discipline and courage is there inside you. Why couldn't believe in yourself one more time and take that step? You told me you were bored being in that maze. I told you to walk out of it. Because I believe there's more outside that lies there for you and you can.

Remember how the spirit the both of us had? It seemed that it lasted only a month plus. I could sense what happened. I just didn't want to believe so. For I wanted us the both of us to give each other a chance. It was you  who taught me how to give others a chance. Unfortunately, sometimes, we fail to give ourselves a chance.

Now, I've heard of more things. Further confirming my thoughts. Why, my friend?

It makes it more awkward for us to see each other now, isn't it? But not returning isn't an option for me. It was one of the good moments in my life to have known you. I've never regretted it, I just think that it was a waste for you to throw your talents into the drain, just like that.

Maybe I wasn't persuasive enough. But I was not in a position to say more than I did.

I now know the conclusion is you chose that path. Sad to hear that. 22 days till I see you again, I dunno with what emotion. Sigh. It's your life, I shall just keep my mouth shut.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to home.
22 days. :))

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