Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things I Ponder

what is the limit? the sky, the mountain or the ocean? Who tells me my limits? Me myself or the others around?

I wonder of my capabilities. I dream of my dream. Is it within my reach? Will I ever get it?

I want and I have to have faith in myself. The faith that I can if I believe. The faith that no one else can tell me myt limits. And even I myself won't know my limits unless I try.

And try is what I'll do. To continue to struggle and not give it.

With God's blessings,I can.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The holidays are here!!!

Yippieeee!!! As I am writing this,I'm crawled on my bed,relaxing. Lol...Its friday today and I don't have class since yesterday afternoon. Because the holidays are here. I'll be going to KL tmr afternoon and spend the night at KLIA before flying back to kuching on Sunday. Wheeee....Feeling so high at the moment. Haha...

The whole gang sent Li Ting to the bus stop last night,Chee this morning,later it'll be geraldine's turn followed by Joanne tonight. Most people in uni are gone already. But it's okay,at least I get to go home. One week,for just one week.I still don't understand why we get one week of holiday for CNY yet there are two weeks of holiday for Raya.

Let's see what are my plans for CNY... first of all, I need proper food. Haha... other than that,I want to bermanja for a week and be the little baby of the house. I know it sounds very childish,but I am not ready to grow up.

I think that's all I have in mind at the moment.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A lousy and dissapointing day.

I was supposed to have a presentation for technical writting today. But I didn't present in the end as we didn't have enough time. Sigh..... That means that I still have to wear baju kurung on thurs.

Islamic institution test. I flunked it. I have absolutely no idea which answer to choose although it was a multiple choice test. Sigh...

Inorganic chemistry class. Hard to explain. Sigh...

Analytical chemistry class. This is interesting. We've long ago stopped listening to her lecture. And about half an hour into today's lecture she complained that we were noisy and said there is no point for her to continue the class. And out she went.

And off we went to the next class too. Lol...

The last class for today,statistics class. I was allowed to go off earlier since I finished my tutorial quesstions.=)

Now,I'm reading Inorganic chemistry again. I've got a test tomorrow night. And I really pray that I can fill up the paper. I'm putting high hopes on it. So I'd better continue working on it while I still have the time. =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


You wants to concentrate and study for a test. But you yourself is uncertain of what you need to know. Blur blur blank blank.

On top of that, someone else is watching drama with a loud volume and 2x speed.


I feel like knocking my head against the wall. I really do. NOW. RIGHTAWAY.


Patient Ellie.... Patient.... Just don't think so much. Concentrate on inorganic chemistry. YOU know what you want.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All in a week

A week had passed since my last post. How quickly it passed. But there wasn't any special thing which happened,I think.

I went to gym for the first time on wednesday for the fitness class. An interesting first time. We didn't do much,basically just trying out the equipments as there were too many of us and too few equipments available. Lol... But we had fun.... Haha...

Ah,thursday. i woke up early to prepare for my Technical English presentation, supposedly at 8am. But I received a sms at around 7.30 am informing me the class was cancelled. Darn.... 10 am lecture was an interesting one. Dr Wan was telling us interesting things about becoming a student. More or less about copying others work without getting caught. I enjoyed that. However, I was kinda pissed at her too. She wanted a draft on our assignment but she complained that it shouldn't be handwritten on a piece of paper. THAT I could agree. The next thing I knew, She said that she was going to award full marks to a group who practically copied and paste informations from the internet. 140 pages. I don't think that was a draft. No one in their right mind would call a 140 pages thing a DRAFT.

I think my lecturer is out of her mind.

If that was what she want. Just say so earlier lah. Which student doesn't know how to copy and paste?

Thursday night was the first time I stayed up till 4 am to do lab report continued by that bloody inorganic chemistry assignment.

I woke up at 8.30 am on a friday where I don't have any class to continue that.

I went out with my coursemates at 12 pm till 12 am. I only enjoyed the bbq at the beach part. Other than that, I felt that it was a waste of time. I made a mental note NOT to go out with them anymore unless they have a better plan.

So I came back from an outing with a bad mood. I think I'm abnormal.

Since then,I've been writting summaries for assignments. My eyes are blurry already. Yet they are not done.

I've got two more test next week. Inorganic chemistry and islamic institution.

Gonna continue my work. Sigh....

Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Month

Ah...january is already a history...
The begining of a new month. Hopefully,the begining of the better days.

I skipped the Majlis Amanat Naib Chancellor this morning. And I'm glad I did that. Class only started at 2pm and as usual I've no idea what the analytical chemistry teacher was mumbling in front. Statistic class got cancelled so I was free till 5pm. I spent my time in the library instead trying to understand anaytical chemistry but I wasn't sure on how successful was my mission. Next up was inorganic chemistry. And I had lab from 8pm and we were released an hour earlier about 10 pm instead of 11pm. Such a relief....

Starting next week,my lab class will be moved back to the morning. So I'll have 8 am class on monday morning. Darn...

I've been piled with so many assignments,works,tutorials,tests and quizzes,I felt immune to it. I wonder why.

When I say immmune doesn't mean that I like them. But I no longer give them the reaction I used to give.

Analytical chemistry quiz on wednesday.
Statistics test on thursday.
Windows movie maker presentation on thursday.
Lab report to be handed in on monday.
Inorganic chemistry test next week.
Laboratory safety assignment due on monday.
Analytical chemisrty tutorial.
Fitness class 50 pages assignment.

Ellie Teo has to be a God or God alike person to accomplish these tasks.

On a lighter note,I'll be home in another 12 days!!! Wheee...=)

Anyways,that's all for now. My class is at 10 am tomorrow but I'll be going to the library to be tutored for analytical chemistry at 8.30 am. Good night!=)