Tuesday, April 26, 2011


26th April 2011.
An interesting day to be remembered.
First of all, this is the first time I sat for two papers on a day for my finals. Okay, it is tiring but because the combination was Malaysian Studies and Testing and Calibration Methods, it wasn't that bad. I have to thank both lec turers for not making our life hard. :)

Testing and Calibration Method was suppose to take 3 hours but when I left the hall after 1 hour and 45 minutes circling A, B, C or D, I realized that there were many who left so much earlier. Lol. I was seated infront, hence I was oblivious to what was happening at the back.

Malaysian Studies, I was placed at a very wrong seat. I was showered with cold, cold air for 2 hours. Gosh. Even my nails turned blue.

But I had a nice dinner with the gang after that. I consider us being very hardworking if there are food involved as we walked all the way to KK4 to get the car and walked back to our own KK3 after we handed the car back. Haha.

Now, stories on finals aside.

To my dearest roomie, Joanne, HAPPY HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!!! :))))
Thanks for being a nice, sweet roomie for these two years, hopefully we can continue being roomies for the rest of our time in UMP. *fingers crossed*
Stay pretty and sweet, just the way you are now. And all the best in your finals too. Just two more days and it'll be over, for the both of us. :)))))

Hmm, Inorganic Chemistry II on thursday. I hope I forecast the questions correctly. And dear God, please please help me remember all the weird weird facts I've memorised and I'm trying to memorise. :))))

Me is really looking forward to after final. Out with the gang, Melaka, Seremban and Kl before I fly home and cure my homesickness. =/

Holiday, you're something I can wait for ever so patiently.

Hence, I shall get back to reading Inorganic Chem. To all my fellow comrades out there, all the best for you last paper too. And to everyone else who's facing finals, break a leg! :) God bless. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


The dreaded day finally arrived and as I wrote this, I've sat for my first paper, Organic Spectroscopy. Glad to say, it didn't turn out as badly as I thought it would have.

Which sent me into thinking, maybe I'm being too paranoid. :) One more thing to the list of things that I need to change about myself. ;)

And a friend thought me yesterday, when you dunno something, just use logic. Lol. Okay, erm, it somewhat made me feel better. I did inject some logic this morning to some questions that I wasn't sure what the answer was supposed to be. Hehe. ;)

So, bye bye Organic Spectroscopy. It was nice to have meet you this semester. Perhaps we will meet again in the future. Till then, cheers! :)

And now, hello Malaysia Studies and Testing and Calibration Method. Tomorrow is your day. :)

3 more subjects and 2 more days of final exam. Thank you God for your guidance up till now. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Count down :)

5 more days to holiday, 1 more day to final exam. Dear God, please help me get through this period. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad Day

1. Couldn't log into ecomm to do the hostel application. A kind junior tried to help, but she was unable to add my room mates into the list.
2. Because of the lousy system, i spend nearly the whole day clicking away.
3. Got terrible marks for OS test 2. Sad.
4. Lips bleeding, toes bleeding.

I had a bad day.

9 more days....

9 more days till the end of my semester.

It's already tuesday and I'm still on the way in the preparations for finals.

So much to read, understand and remember.

Will I have the time?
Will I be able to answer the questions?
Will I do well?

Only God holds the answer. :) In the meantime, I shall stay happy, healthy and exercise my brain. :)))

P/s: I got my old job back. No worries for the holidays then. :))

Pray, eat, sleep, study. :))))))

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sigh... Perhaps.... :(

My second post today. You might think that I'm too free. Be rest assured, I'm not. I just find that the best way to let all the bad vibes out of me is through here. :p

Okay, so meaning I had very bad vibes today. :p

Forget bout the singing thing, I'm over it now.

But let's see, I went for the sem I 2010/2011 Dean's List Award Ceremony just now. My third Dean's List.  And let me say it is one of the *inserts words that you choose* ceremony. I've no idea which word should I use to describe it. Including the time used for my journey to the Training Room, FIST Central Lab and back to my room and the ceremony itself, I think it took approximately 45 minutes. And it is during a study week, most of the recipients aren't even in uni. I  can't blame them, I would go home too if I could. If...

And I got my final marks for Organic Spectroscopy Lab. Another speechless, wordless comment. I failed to get an 'A' again. Note the word again. My fourth semester and the best I've managed was an 'A-.'

I better get back to my moon mining articles. They are surprisingly, quite interesting. :)

A Simple Prayer

The weather so kind, beautiful and gentle,
a good start to the day,composed of studying,
With a cup of green tea and notes on hand,
A well and productive day, is all that I hope.

Just a normal being,no special capabilities I have,
All that I want to achieve, hard work and brains are all I need,
A simple prayer, to the higher power I dedicate,
Guide me through my way, achievements I hope to gain.

In a room of four, I sat here studying,
An eccentric roommate with her eccentric singing,
Oh my blardy God, my ears are hurting, my brain stopped functioning,
It might just be moments my heart stop beating.

Stakes of notes on my table,piling and piling,
I need a brain with the best absoptivity, to swallow everything,
And the best discipline with full concentration,
Perfection I do not seek, but the best I hope to give.

Study mood, is the best drive of encouragement,
complemented with support from friends and family,
A healthy body and a fresh great mind,
The combinations I need are simple yet oblivious.

So dear God, I pray to you,
Provide me the strength to carry the tasks,
Keep me patient in overcoming the obstacles,
In you I pray, in you I believe.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

cOff33, gR33n t3A,sTudyinG & sTaRs... :)

It's the time of the semester again. Crucial time before I have the beautiful thing called HOLIDAY. Like Abby said, as she tried to make use of the little BM she still remembers since she moved to NZ, "Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian."

I totally agree.
Simply because there's nothing in this world that we can get without making any sacrifices.
Now I do the hard work and God will take care of the rest.
Like Abby said, " Trust in HIM and HE will guide us."

Oh, why stars in the title of my blogpost?

I think I'm nocturnal.
No, I BELIEVE I'm nocturnal.
I've tried very hard to be alive during the day even trying with coffee and green tea, but my mind simply refuse to do any sort of thinking during the daytime.
Maybe I like the stars more than the sun. Haha.

But that's not the only reason for the word star to appear here.

I'm targeting for something I've not achieved before.
I want an 'A' for Organic spectroscopy. which. is. hard.
A friend said in her persuasive speech," A gives no indication of one's real ability."
But I do really want it, so I've just gotta try, no?

Green tea and coffee are two of my new best friends these days.
I admit I'm a bad friend. I've never looked for them when I'm not studying for an exam.
Perhaps I shall consider naming new pets coffee and tea?

Hence, coffee, green tea, stars and studying made up this post. Lalalalalalalala. :)

P/s: To dearest Abby kulat who's leaving to Fiji for a mission trip, jaga diri baik baik ya. And may you accomplish all that you've set out to do, shining with the guidance from him. I'll be waiting for your updates. :)))) *hugs*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Of across a piece of sea and bananas.

The first time I left home was the first time I was sent into an alienated surrounding. And I was an alien there too. I couldn't speak mandarin and I had trouble remembering chinese names.

The first time I left home, I was homesick. Homesick to the state I look fine on the outside, but I would burst into tears when I look at the phone booth. I cried in my pillows on weekends. Simply because I couldn't call home and the ones I miss can't come and visit me.

I simply missed home.

That was in the past.

Now I'm away from home again. This time further away, into another surrounding even more alienated. I've improved on mandarin and I can remember people's name. Yet I'm still an alien. I can neither read mandarin nor converse in cantonese. I'm from the other side of a big piece of sea.

And I miss home. I can call home, but that cannot substitute the longing of being embraced by mummy and daddy. I can feel the tears coming, But glittering on my eyes I would let them, let them pour down my cheeks I won't allow them.

I still miss home.

But this time, I would not let it affect me. For I have more importants things to do. After I've poured it out here, I will not miss home anymore. For God all love us, He has plans for us.

Sending the loves back home,

Monday, April 11, 2011

The 14th Week

The 14th week. Those who don't know might ask what. Those who know might say, what, so fast!??

Yes, dear all. It is the fourteenth week of our semester which marks the last week of lectures and classes. Indirectly it is also a BIG, HUGE SIGNPOST telling us FINAL EXAM is just around the corner.

So, what are you guys thinking about on the fourteenth week?

1. Yay! Holidays are here soon. :) *jumps up and down excitedly in an excited state*
2. Oh, NOOOO!!! Final exam is here! And I'm not prepared. Omigosh!!! *runs around like a headless chicken and bangs into the wall*
3. I'm going home, oh,I'm going home, I"M GOING HOME!!!!!!! :) Wheeeeee.... *cheering excitedly in yet another excited state*
4. What? I'm going to finish my second year? That's so fast. I'm going to MISHHHH all my friends. *partly sad/mixed emotions*

I'm sure they are all part of your response. I'm sure you might not know how to identify the feelings you're having at this moment.

No matter what you're feeling, I'm sure part of the opposite reactions are there as well. You miss your friends, yet you wanna be home. You're sad that your time in uni is getting shorter yet you're also excited to finish up the life of a student and explore the world outside. :)

Whatever it is, I wish all of you all the best in this final week as well as in the final exam that comes after that. :)

P/s: I've got a test, a quiz and an impromptu speech today. I'm not prepared, I'm not ready. Break a leg, peeps! :)
Oh, I'm getting addicted to coffee these days. Gah, they love messing up my biological clock. :p Or should I say, I let them mess up my biological clock, meh. :p

Lots of love,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Different parts of the brain speaking....:)

I've got many things running in my mind, I dunno how to organise them. Hence, they shall be named 1, 2 and 3. Let's see the different parts of my mind speaking.


Part 1

Wednesday was such a wonderful day. Simple yet fulfilled. Perhaps it is just the right combination which can equals to a perfect result.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is a Hong Kong drama which revolved around two guys ShenRan and QiHong (staring Daniel Wu and Louis Koo) in their process of wooing a girl,ZiXin. Many things happened in the process and when they met again three years later and at the end of the story the girl, ZiXin choose QiHong.

The two guys protrayed two different type of guys in this world. One is a normal, who is unable to control his thirst for woman. Even when he was confessing his love for ZiXin, he got distracted when girls in revealing clothes walked by. Perhaps this is the sort of guys commonly seen. :p He is nicknamed Earth men.

On the other hand, the other guy is the faithful kind and not easily swayed simply by looks. He never gave up eventhough ZiXin told him that she loved the other guy. This is Mars man. The number 11 when 9 out of ten guys will sway, the tenth think of swaying. The kind that gives you a sense of security.

The ending was beautiful and touching. Two guys with their own way to profess their love for the girl, going all the way of doing amazing things to catch her heart. :)

It may just be a romance movie. But it certainly got the audience thinking. Which one will you choose? Mars men or Earth men? One that you truly love but who may sway and it hurts even more than not having him? Or one who is faithful and gives you the sense of security that all girls crave for? Everyone would have their justification on why they made their choice,there's no right or wrong. :)

P/s: Guys, it is not easy to win a girl's heart after you broke her trust. Haha...

Part 2

It's two weeks to final exam. Two freaking short yet long, long awaited yet dreaded, wonderful yet not-so-wonderful weeks. Is there anyway to go straight to after two weeks?:p

I'm worried or nervous about finals. I know there are much to be done but I dunno where to start.

I care about my grades and I want to make them better yet I'm not sure where am I standing right at the moment.

Which makes me feel emotionless and expressionless these few days.

Part 3

Disappointments are part of our life. Sometimes you just dunno what to feel anymore. We made the effort but we were not judged accordingly. We made the preparation yet somehow we failed to deliver up to our own expectation.

Sometimes personal expectations are harder to be filled compared or the expectation of others.

People often say that we should not compare ourselves to others as long as we did our best. Then I start questioning myself. What happens when I can't live up to my own expectation? How do I console myself and say that it is my best when I expected better of myself? Or am I suppose to result to accept the fact that I'm just not that good? Won't that turn into looking down on myself? Not so good to the already fragile self esteem. Haha...

A friend said that the fact that I put in more efforts is more important that the marks that I got. Come to think of it, it is true. I can control the amount of effort in put in but I can't control how will I be judged for it. But I could live with no regrets. :)

Ah, my mind keeping thinking over things. I wonder whether it is good or bad. Haha.. Maybe I should train it to think more chemistry stuff and make my life easier.:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've no idea why, but I miss chinese pancakes at the moment. I miss making chinese pancake and eating them too. I think I'll have plenty of chance to attack them in May. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simply too fast. :(

For a second it was the beginning of a week. Where we all face monday blues and reluctantly dragged our lazy butts off the warm, cozy bed off to face whatever life has in store for us. Sometimes, the shinning, bright sun is there to greet us. At other times, the gloomy, cold rain greet us only making us feel more like going back to bed and snuggle under the blankets. 

The next second we looked at life, it is the end of the week. Whatever storm that came our way has passed. Smoothly or not, it means that we've survived. Alive and kicking, able to thank God gratefully or complain continuously. And it's when the lazy germs start to kick in, all we want is a chance to lie in and have a long, great break. 

Well, that's the purpose of weekends. I personally LOVE weekends! :) It's when I have the time to myself, to do whatever I want. 

But more often that not, they pass ever so quickly. I still have many undone things but my weekend is coming to an end soon. :( 

Hello, April! :)

Did we just had April Fool's Day yesterday? How did March past in a blink of an eye?

It is the ONE last month as a sophomore.
There are TWO more weeks of lectures left.
It's THREE weeks to final exam.
FOUR more weeks, I'll be back in Kuching.
And that'll be the FIFTH month of the year, May pays us a visit.

I shall stop crapping here.

P/s: I forsee that I will spend lots of time on studying this month, or so I hope. :) Say 'YAY' to studying. But I do not intend to burn midnight oil. Haha. Let's see how it works out.

Till then, cheers! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yet Another Week

Another week has come to its end again. Let’s do some light reflection on what happened in these few days.
Monday Blues.

I’m not working yet, but I have Monday blues too. :p

The blue was because I’m the first to present for the assessment for persuasive speech in my Public Speaking class.

The good thing of my presentation that day: I didn’t blank out during the speech and I was able to follow my script.

The bad thing of my speech: I spoke too fast, I took 6.30 minutes for it. I was targeting for something between 7-8 minutes.

Relieved I’ve completed yet another assessment, a little disappointed I have yet to be able to live up to my own expectations. Nonetheless, there’s always something to be learnt everyday. 


Tackling Tuesday

I was supposed to have 8am class. But my immune system failed me out of sudden, I was down with fever. I slept from 11.30pm to 10am straight. That’s slightly more than ten hours of sleep straight.
But I feel fine after that so I went to Malaysian studies class and Testing and calibration class in the afternoon. A day with few classes yet it is so largely spaced, it is tiring. Lol.

Classes are boring these days. Sigh. Life needs to be more challenging sometimes, to keep the excitement on. 


Whistling Wednesday

Class started with Testing and calibration quiz 4. Aww, quiz for this class is always nice.
Haha. Nevertheless, I’ve never scored three digits for this class yet. Lol.

Next class is Public Speaking class. No one volunteered to be the time keeper, so , yeah, I raised my hand.

Interesting excerpts from this session of assessment on persuasive speech.

“busy men, busy women…”
“it’s rich with…wait ar…”
“kuantan what what what…”
“other cities in other countries…”
I could have gotten more excerpts, but as I was the time-keeper, I couldn’t jot down much. 
Interesting topics during this session.
“Say No to Premarital Sex”
“Love marriage is for Today’s Generation”
“Internet Dating”
“Marry Young”
“Kuantan-No, Penang-Yes”
“Overseas is better than Malaysia”
“Malaysia is better than Japan”

I found something nice from pasar malam too. It’s called Nasi Dagang. I dunno why, but I liked it, a lot. 


Terrifying Thursday

Two tests in a day. Bad, is it?

Hmm. I thought so too, yesterday.

But today’s lab test is the best I’ve ever sat for in two years here. Quoting Miss Nurlin,” Yang siapa yang masih belum dapat jawab, boleh bincang. Tadi pun sudah ada yang bincang.”

OS class= time to talk. Haha.

Ah, chicken feet. I’ll never forget about chicken feet after today.

Second test of today, technopreneuship. Not supposed to peep, but we curi-curi peep. And I crapped a lot today.


Bye bye classes for this week. ‘HI’ my dear long weekend! I hope to make you a productive and fulfilling one. 

Oh, ya. Happy April Fool's Day! :) Have fun being pranking people and being pranked. Lol.