Friday, December 23, 2011

Industrial Chemistry 2009/2010 Winter Solstice cum Christmas Gathering 2011

In this life, we walk through a path, a path solid, undescribable where we never know what lies beneath. The recent change in the semester schedule put us on a path where we now celebrate Winter Solstice and Christmas, away from home. 

21.12.2011. A day to be remembered always. A bunch of energetic young people, away from home, got together to celebrate Winter Solstice and also Christmas bringing warmth into the heart, ignoring the cold the weather brought upon us. 

Venue was at the Kolej Kediaman 4 cafeteria with steamboat and tang yuan making the main events, Christmas present exchanging the main highlight. We were all kids at heart that night. We fought over food, like starving kids. We made traditional tang yuan, round shape and non-traditional tang yuan, in the shape of dice, alien, heart, tortoise displaying the creative side of different individuals. We laughed at each other. We made jokes. 

The Christmas present exchanging moment was a memorable one. Each person goes up according to their month of birth. They then picked a number and the owner of the present comes up and present the present. 
I am fortunate to be the new owner of a present prepared by Puishi, our si jie. "A present which is expired but it can still be used. " That was how she describe the present. And I loved the present. ;)

All the food went into respective tummies, with no leftovers. We took group photo before washing up and going back to our own dormitories.

A night of joy and happiness
Filled with cheers and laughters
To the heart it lightens and warms
We are blessed, the fortunate ones.

All in all, it was a terribly wonderful gathering. Industrial Chem 2009/2010, you guys rocks and you are the best! ;)

Semester 5 classes just ended yesterday.
I can't believe it. 
How did time flies?
Soon it'll be final.
I"m looking forward to after final.

P/s: I wanted to include photos in this post. Unfortunately, the terrible internet connection forbids me. Too bad. xP

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