Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its coming to an end soon.....

I had inorganic chemistry lecture as usual this morning at 10 am. And today we discussed Group 14 which is part of the syllabus. But I had this sad feeling when Dr, Wan said," We have two last weeks together...." It's hard to believe time passed so fast, I didn't even realise. I'm surprised that eventhough she had high expectations for us that we didn't believe we could fulfill when we first entered her class, we're enjoying her class now. And like all things that have a begining, it'll have an ending. There are only 2 more weeks of inorganic lectures left. Sob... I used to avoid her gaze hoping she won't ask me to answer her question, I used to keep my mouth shut and not give any answer, I used to feel stress being in her class. Now in the last 2 weeks of her class, I no longer avoid her gaze, answer as I could if i got called, I didn't even mind when I was asked to answer her question with Chang Yao last week, I enjoyed listening to her and I dread that her class is coming to an end.

To Dr. Wan, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for being such a great lecturer this semester. I've really enjoyed being in your class and I'm terribly grateful to God for giving me this chance. You've change us, our thinking and also our view on chemistry. I hope that we did match up to your expectations and all the times we frustrated you, I'm sorry for those times. Thank you,Dr.

It is already nearly the end of the second sem of first year. I'm glad that this sem has brought my coursemates and I closer and I hope things will go on in the postive path.=)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy busy life

At this amount of work being piled upon me,I shall be suffocated soon.

Analytical test on wed.
Meeting with Dr Wan on wed.
Trip to Majlis Sukan Negara on fri.
Fitness theory test on next wed.
Statistics test on next thurs.
Inorganic test fitted among those aforementioned.

I can't wait to fly home at the end of next month.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First times

First times are usually exiciting as it's something not experienced before. And Friday is the day I'll say that I had the most first time experience. We (my coursemates and I ) actually planned to climb Bukit Panorama at Sungai Lembing to witness the sunrise. So we meet up at 4 am and started our journey. Pei Yee, Kae Chiam, Esther and I were in the car drove by Chang Yao,while the other car drove by Yew Chong had Sing Ying, Wei Zhen, Pui Shi, Geok Gee and How Yee as the passengers. Not long after we began our journey, it began pouring heavily. So we had a change of plan. We made our way to Cherating, a well-known beach instead. So for the first time in my life,I went to a beach at 6am. Cherating is a beautiful beach without fierce waves( unlike Teluk Chempedak) so it is safe to play at the waters. We took pictures, chatted and Chang Yao actually had a swim. Lol...We had fun splashing each other with water too.

After that, it was time for breakfst. We went for curry mee at a shop near Teluk Chempedak which is famous for it. Yummy...=) We then went for a walk at the trail at Teluk Chempedak, enjoying the wind and the view. The beach was rather crowded. That is another firt time as I never went to two beaches straight in a day. Lol...

Next up, Yew Chong decided to bring us to a cave called Gua Charas. It was quite far away. Along the way we saw many cows and goats at the roadside at at one point a whole herd of them crossed the road and went to the clinic. My,my what a good laugh we had joking that the goats went for medical check up. =) Chang yao accidentally mistaken the goat as a dog too. We said that he don't see them in Kl so we had to forgive him for the mistake. Haha.... the cave is a cave where the Buddha statues were placed and one will be given jose sticks to light up when you enter it. It was my first time going into a cave so I was excited. The steps leading to the cave was quite steep but we all managed it. =)

Sungai Lembing was the following detination and we went to have a look at how high the hill is. Lol...Since most of us don't really have an exteremly good stamina. Girls ma... and we had lunch there. Something cslled sungai lembing mee in tomato sauce. It wasn't that nice. Too bad. With that we went back to uni and arrived around 4pm.

That night, I swear I was exhausted and had no energy left. But I had lots of fun.=) special thanks to Yew Chong for bringing us to those places, Chang Yao for driving all the way and to all the rest who went for making it a fun trip.=)

The next day, is Saturday and I went out to kuantan again. This time the main purpose is too buy the necessary items needed for our invention product for Technical Writing. We went at 1pm, had lunch and then head for carrefour at East Coast Mall to buy the stuff. After that we met up with the other gang for a movie. It's a cantonese movie called "just another pandora box". I'll say that it is a very illogical movie but we had a good laugh with it. =)Dinner was at Sendo Noya. We reached uni around 12 midnight.

Today, Sun, I experinced the after effect of two tiring days. I have no mood to do my work nor study. haha...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had fever and a sorethroat on Mon. By noon,the fever had subsided. On Tue,I no longer had sorethroat. But I was kinda losing my voice. On Thurs, I start to develop cough. Its Wed of the following week and I'm still coughing terribly. I feel sick.

But in uni,there's such thing of having a good rest if you're sick,eh? Quizzes still go on,you still have to submit your assignments, you still need to complete the tutorials given and most important of all,FINALS is coming. God,how did time flew so fast.

I'm looking forward to go home at the end of April. I'm not looking forward for the finals before I can go home.

I got my third quiz paper for statistics back. I got 9 out of a total mark of 10. So glad for it since I only scored 6 for the first two quizzes. There is another quiz tomorrow. Hopefully I can score well too. =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The problem I dreaded most has finally hit me. Fortunately,it was just for a short time and water supply is back to normal. It started last night when heard my roommate says that the water supply is getting weaker. Li Ting and I then took our pails and when to the block behind and discovered that they still have strong water supply. We filled up our pails as well as Joanne's and I went for another bath plus a washing spree.

This morning I was awaken by them, saying that the block behind too has no water supply. We then went for a survey and discovered that C4 and beyond are not affected yet. So for my bath this morning,I went two blocks away that still had water.

Fortunately, the water supply resumed after about 2 hours.I am so glad.=) But it better rain from now and then to avoid this problem from arising again.

Yesterday and today I had the room to myself mostly.And I enjoyed it, the space and the silence. After all,I had quite a lot of assignments to finish.

Lab safety assignment.
Statistics tutorial.
Statistics assignment.
Lab report.
Analytical tutorial.
Inorganic reading.

My coursemates are planning a trip to Sungai Lembing next fri. Hopefully,it menjadi. So I can have some fun with them. I booked my flight to go back after the semester ends. I'll be home on 30th April.=) Time really pass without us realising it. Just in about one month, I'll be sitting for finals again. So I guess I really have to be more serious and focus if I want that Dean's list again.

Dear God,please help and guide me when I'm studying and help me understand well. Thank you God for all your blessings thus far.=)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My friend, I need you now-

Please take me by the hand.

Stand by me in my hour of need,

Take time to understand.

Take my hand, dear friend,

And lead me from this place.

Chase away my doubts and fears,

Wipe the tears from off my face.

Friend, I cannot stand alone.

I need your hand to hold,

The warmth of your gentle touch

In my world that's grown so cold.

Please be a friend to me

And hold me day by day.

Because with your loving hand in mine,

I know we'll find the way.


A long time indeed since I last updated this blog. Studies may be part of the reason I do not update this blog,yet deep down in my heart I know that it was just procrastination.

Well,it has been a busy week after being back from the mid-term cum CNY holidays. There were tests and quizzes to study for ( typical student life),the UMP CNY '10 event and also assignments and tutorials to complete,as usual.

UMP CNY '10 was a three day event. The first two days were carnival consisting of foods and also games with performances. I am part of the food and beverages unit but due to the lack of manpower,I was shifted to the carnival food unit to help out with the drinks stall. A few times of drinks were sold namely, orange juice, wheatgrass juice, flower tea, green bean soup and tang yuan. Business wasn't that good. I wasn't so sure why. Probably because chinese are the minorities and the other races aren't so sure whether the food are edible? *shrugs*
The third and also the last day,carnival was held in the morning while at night a dinner was held at Mexica Garden Restaurant at Kuantan. In the morning,I was assigned to be the 'dulang' girl helping the usher,Phoebe to carry the dulang during the opening ceremony and also during the prize giving ceremony. For the dinner,I was part of the ushering team.
To me, the carnival was an interesting one with many exotic items to witness. I even had the chance to learn how to play mahjong. Lol... the dinner had awesome performance. I felt particularly proud when the bumiputras from sabah and sarawak went onstage to perform the traditional dance. But it was a tiring weekend. I couldn't wake up for 8 am lab on mon morning. That marks the first class I skipped this semester.

Yesterday was yet another interesting day. I woke up at 3 am to meet up with my coursemates as we had industrial visit to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and also Malaysia Institute of Nuclear Research, both located at Bangi. We went to NIOSH first and we were given a briefing,which I listened too sleepily. Lunch was taken at McD while the Muslim guys went to UKM for the praying session. That afternoon we went to MINT and guess what,it rained out of sudden. I was so happy to see that it was raining. Before we departed back to UMP,we were brought to The Mines to have dinner. At around 8.30 pm we came back to UMP and reached around midnight.

That was not the end of the day. I entered my room and found out that softboard had been put up in my room and they chose the wall behind my locker to be the spot. Thus I had to shift my table and locker in the middle of the night.