Monday, December 19, 2011


Simple things can bring smile to one. Simple acts can warm the heart. Simple happenings keep one happy. Simple hope give one faith.

Today is a simple day with monday blues. Just one class where the lecturer gave us back our courseworks.
Not exemplary with my marks. Yet I'm happy with them. For I did worked for it and if it isn't perfect, it is all due  to my own self.

It didn't matter how others fare. For I believe that everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. But as long as we have faith. As long as we believe. As long as we continue to do our part, things will go well. This I believe.

"For hope is the feather that perched on the soul of one."

I hope I didn't get that quote wrong, It just randomly came out of my brain.

But to my dear comrades, who read this or not. I know that it is a tough time. For it is near final, near the holidays. Mixed feelings of YAY, HOLIDAY IS COMING and DARN, FINALS ARE NEAR, it exist in all of us. Just stay strong for just a few more weeks and the sign of relief will show. :)))

A contented heart is a happy heart. ;)

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