Monday, February 27, 2012

#13 The Good and the Bad

The good.
Today is a Sunday, a beautiful one minus the heat that got a little unbearable in the afternoon. And the best thing today is my tummy is a happy one. Roomie came back from hometown with Muar's famous otak-otak. I had porridge for dinner, so that was my supper. Yummy, fishy, with a tinge of spiciness. :) And roomie came back with homemade bread too. Well, she insist it isn't bread. Something chinese. But it looks like bread to me, I shall call it bread. I'll save that for tomorrow's breakfast. :)

The bad.
Bro Albinus, who taught me Bible Knowledge when I was in Form 5 has lung cancer and he is going for surgery tomorrow in Singapore.

The image I have of Bro Albinus is a tall man with white hair wearing brown fuzzy slippers crossing the parking lot in St Joseph. I remember the sarcasms he injected in class. I remember the Christmas Open House he had in 2006.

I remember the time when I nearly fainted during BK mock exam, he let me retake the paper the next day.
Bro Albinus is a kind man. He offers free English Language classes, Literature in English classes and Bible Knowledge classes for free. He puts his heart into teaching.

When I was in Form 6, I still see him from time to time. And he still remember our names.
I am shocked to hear that he has lung cancer.
Pull through it Bro. Albinus, we'll be praying for you. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So today's Saturday. It's supposed to be a happy day, coz it's Saturday. Everyone loves Saturday, that includes me.
Regardless for the fact that soon, my weekend starts on a Friday. But today it's different because in my uni, we have no internet access from 10am to 5pm.
My uni is cute. Cute because in the time that I've been here, I've had occasions like, no water supply, no electricity supply and the latest one, no internet connection.

While discussing this issue on Friday, we (my friends and I) suggested that we stay up the whole night and sleep at the time when there is no internet connection. My roomies suggested the same thing too.

Which makes me come to a conclusion, we are indeed living in an era of technology where internet connection is already a need. No longer a want. Funny how human can be so dependent on technology.

Anyway, we survived through the period of no internet connection. Lol.:)

On the sidenote, I absolutely love today's lunch. For one simple reason, it has brocolli it in. Thanks to my roomie, Joanne who got it from town yesterday.
Eventhough it was just a meal of instant noodles, the presence of brocolli brightened things up. :)

#11 Hello Saturday! :)

It's the weekend again. Much awaited time by all, including me. :)
Well, it has been a good week I guess. Things have pretty much settled down, almost like a routine. With assignments and quizzes coming along. I need to put in more effort to be more disciplined. xP Lazy bump me. Hehe.

I read a nice blog this morning. The author certainly wrote it beautifully and it touched me, personally. It's about friends. All these years, I've met many friends. And no doubt, some have really left, deep, significant prints in me. They affected me, in one way or another. Sometimes when I sit down and stare into the blank empty air, flashes of the past came before me. I miss those moments.

But, as we grow older, as we get busier with our life, we tend to prioritize. Other factors like distances, studies and work just make us grow further away from each other. There has been moments one might have felt like taking out the phone, dial certain numbers and get close to each other, just like before. However as mentioned before, we each have our own priority. That is a little sad but maybe, that's life.

Perhaps it is like how we read a book. In a book, we meet some people and we are close to them. When the book ends, we open another and meet others.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


10 days since I left home. It has been easier, the transitions in life. Leaving home, problems with others, I think my mind has more or less know how to react. I want to be like the bamboo trees. Standing straight on calm days, bending when the storm comes yet remaining strong. Not breaking down, ever. It's alright, I can accept the news. You don't have to treat me like the little girl who would cry when you refuse to give me sweets. :) There are more to me than you think you know.

A friend started work. She told me working is different, people expect you to know everything. Which makes me worry, whether I would know everything after I'm done with undergraduate studies. Will I live up to expectations? It's something to ponder, something to work for.

I've listen to rumors these few days. And based on reliable sources, they are true. And it makes me feel that once again,life is unfair. Unfair that some people get certain things that others desire in a much easier way, when we actually put in efforts.

Then again, who am I to say so? Who am I to judge?

I still believe in miracles, I still believe that if I tried, I would not have any regrets. And I'm holding on, hugging it close to my heart. Maybe I just need some motivations to hold on tighter.

At times like this, I miss childhood. Not only for the innocent and sense of security. I miss tagging along daddy. When daddy is all mine and I don't have to share him with work.

This can make me cry.

Monday, February 20, 2012



It was a Friday evening where I invited a friend for a jog cum walk. The sun was setting, hence it was less bright. The cool breeze swept over me, refreshing and rejuvenating. The friend decided to take another route back to the hostel, not the usual one we walked. From far, I could see a little kitten playing at the foot of a tree. The uni guard looking on. As we neared, the guard told us, the kitten is a pitiful one. It got knocked by a car, hence a limp on one of its leg. But the kitten was happy. It attempted to climb the tree, like a normal kitten with no limp whatsoever.

Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain. :)

Dear kitty, may you leg heal fast and may you grow to be a happy cat. :)

The bookstore looked like it was just swept by tsunami. A minor tsunami. The queue at the cashier counters were long. At all the counters. Most of the essential items sold out.

It's hard to spend RM 200 with most of the things sold out.

I hate being given a deadline to spend. :(

I love brocolli. I had, I am and I will be loving it for a very very long time. :)))
Second week of uni is here. May it be a wonderful week for everyone. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


I am the book sitting by the ocean, you, the rustling wind,  flipping through all the pages of me, reading the words you weren't suppose to see.

We all walk different paths. I walked the path of woods. He swam through the river. She climbed the mountains. They crossed the fields.

They are all journeys.
Journeys through different things.
All the same, all the different.

The most important thing perhaps is still the contentment and happiness we all discover and pick up along the path. :)

P/s: Currently obsessed with names for babies. xP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It has been many months. Many months since I lost it. Where did I lost it, how did I lose it, when did I lost it, exactly, I don't know. I don't remember.

I want to remember but I can't.
At the same time I wonder whether I should remember it.

Why do I struggle to remember? Why do I struggle to deny?

I know it very well.
I just refuse to admit it.
Till now.

Monday, February 13, 2012


A new start, a new semester. It's first day of class today with nothing much interesting apart from the fact that I think I might need to pay more attention to Spanish this semester. My lecturer looked like she is not going to give us an easy time.

Badminton today. One of the happiest badminton session I've ever had. Skills weren't the main point. Fun was in the air, with many many laughters.
Thanks to the three guys who were gentlemen enough to let this two girls win all the matches. :)

Somehow or rather, it reminded me of the good old days. When every wednesday afternoon is dedicated for badminton. That was probably the only year I played lots of badminton. Oh, the afternoon lunch of kolo mee at Sisters' Cafe too.

The good old days when we were much younger and innocent. The days when we have much less to think about. The days when smile came much easier. Perhaps like what my friend said, "forgotten how to smile."

I've forgotten how to smile too.

It's hard to go back to how it was before.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the days before I left Kuching.

The most awaited dreaded day after one whole semester. Results were released on this day. From the moment I woke up, I was like in a mess. It wasn't right to eat, it wasn't right to sleep, it wasn't right to do anything. It was supposed to be released at 12 pm. However, by the time I managed to peak at my results, it was already 5.30pm.

Result wasn't superb, but for it I'm still grateful and thankful.

To you who gave me lots of support especially in the beginning of the semester, for putting up with my many idiotic, noisy chatters, thank you.
To you who have been a constant company most of the night I was up and giving me endless advice and electronic hugs, thank you too.
To you-s who have been my company the whole semester, with many ups and downs, helping out endless time, I am extremely thankful and glad.
To you, my studying partner during the study week, the endless chats, laughter, meals, revisions and discussions, a big thank you too.

Ex-colleagues decided to have a dinner with me before I left Kuching. It was just a normal dinner, nothing fancy but it was a happy dinner. They and their 19-year-old thoughts was certainly hilarious and it did brighten up my day.
Thank you for the heartfelt treat. :)

I wanted to go to town for a little walk. The rain came and ruined my day. No more trip to town for Ellie. :(

For the first time the whole holiday, I was awake at 8am. xP I went to my ex-workplace at Satok to help a friend buy something. And I saw my boss.
Boss said, "Eh, holiday again ar? So nice always holiday hor. "
Supervisor say," She want to go back study lor. "
Friend and I went to had breakfast at Kluang Station in Spring. She introduced "cham" tea mixed with coffee. Not bad. :) Then we went to MPH Bookstore, coz she was hunting for a book. And we had milk tea with little pearls.

At 12pm we went to fetch her little bro from school, then we had lunch. She wanted me to try the Dayak Home Cooked food at King's Centre but it wasn't opened so we had Tom's pizza, Margherita Pizza.

The people at Melilea messed our appointment so we went to her house. After the appointment, she sent me back home. But I had no keys to go in the house and she doesn't want to leave me alone so she sent me to my ex-workplace.

Turned out mum was at home in the kitchen.

I'm glad you finally came clean with me. It's true I can't help much. But at least I can be a friend and lend you my ears.
Life doesn't end until we are dead. :)

When I booked my flight,it was a 6.15am flight. One month before the flight, it was rescheduled to 6.05am. On the day of my flight, the plane had to be sick. And I could only fly at 9.50am.

I reached uni at 6pm and proceeded with the cleaning up. Ants are a nuisance. I am not sorry for killing you, six-legged things.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "day" looming ahead.

Just very very recently, we were busy ushering 2012. Now without us really realizing it, the first month of 2012 is already a past.

At the same time 2012 was becoming a reality, we were busy counting down to the days left to go home. With less than 2 weeks to go, I will be back to where I would spend 4 months again.

The heart is in a mess, unclear of the directions to head. The mind thinks more sensibly yet it is hard to describe. At times words are not enough to describe things clearly.

Perhaps I should let time take its course and see where the road leads me to.