Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Final Lecture Week

Had it just been a moonlight ago?
The classes just started.
Had it just been a blow of wind?
We started third year.

Had it really come to and end?
The semester of ups and downs.

Tomorrow. Last lecture week of this semester. Tomorrow. Just a week to wrap things up before study week.
Time flew. But I didn't notice. Now that finals is around the corner, I realised.
I wonder if I can do well. I hope so. Parents are putting high hopes, as usual.

I guess I just need to add oil, seasoning, water, salt, sugar and whatever it takes. Lol.
Time to start being hardworking. :)

Meanwhile, ignore the cough, ignore the cough, ignore the cough....
24 days till I get back to meow meow city.
MEOW. :)

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