Saturday, December 31, 2011


The time has come again. In just a few hours time, we shall send 2011 to a journey into the past and welcome 2012 with all our hearts.

It's the time again, where we start to sit and ponder. Without realising it, a new year has come knocking on our doors. When we start reminiscing all the good and the bad. When we smile at the memories and we frown at our mistakes. But joy still comes at the thought of a new year, for it gives us the opportunity to start afresh, to welcome more joy into our life, to let us grow through experiences, taking one step at a time, enjoying the process, reaping the outcomes.

What a year 2011 has been. Exactly one year ago, I celebrated at home. Nothing much of a celebration though. I welcomed 2011 in my dreams, for I had to work the next day. Tonight I shall be welcoming 2012 with my notes, for my final exam is approaching.

Joke of the year: Final exam is next year, why all the rush for it. Haha...It's lame, but it's funny. :)))

To all my dear friends and family who accompanied me throughout the year, I would say a BIG-HUGE-GIGANTIC THANK YOU, all the way from the depth of my heart. :) It was impossible to walk the road of life alone, as the saying, no man is an island. If I've hurt your feelings or heart, through my sarcasm and temper, I apologize. For none of the actions were intentional more out of harsh decisions, my fault.

For all the joy, happiness, laughter and love we all shared together this year, I hope that there will be more to come next year(I"m SURE there is). For all of above the essence of life, they complete our life, they beautify our life. The resulting bond formed from it, unbreakable, priceless yet so precious.

Last but not least, I wish all of you all good and pretty things to come your way. May you achieve your dreams and your goals, whatever they may be. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012, peeps! :))

*this is yet another guilty blogging. but it's new year's eve!*

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