Saturday, April 9, 2011

Different parts of the brain speaking....:)

I've got many things running in my mind, I dunno how to organise them. Hence, they shall be named 1, 2 and 3. Let's see the different parts of my mind speaking.


Part 1

Wednesday was such a wonderful day. Simple yet fulfilled. Perhaps it is just the right combination which can equals to a perfect result.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is a Hong Kong drama which revolved around two guys ShenRan and QiHong (staring Daniel Wu and Louis Koo) in their process of wooing a girl,ZiXin. Many things happened in the process and when they met again three years later and at the end of the story the girl, ZiXin choose QiHong.

The two guys protrayed two different type of guys in this world. One is a normal, who is unable to control his thirst for woman. Even when he was confessing his love for ZiXin, he got distracted when girls in revealing clothes walked by. Perhaps this is the sort of guys commonly seen. :p He is nicknamed Earth men.

On the other hand, the other guy is the faithful kind and not easily swayed simply by looks. He never gave up eventhough ZiXin told him that she loved the other guy. This is Mars man. The number 11 when 9 out of ten guys will sway, the tenth think of swaying. The kind that gives you a sense of security.

The ending was beautiful and touching. Two guys with their own way to profess their love for the girl, going all the way of doing amazing things to catch her heart. :)

It may just be a romance movie. But it certainly got the audience thinking. Which one will you choose? Mars men or Earth men? One that you truly love but who may sway and it hurts even more than not having him? Or one who is faithful and gives you the sense of security that all girls crave for? Everyone would have their justification on why they made their choice,there's no right or wrong. :)

P/s: Guys, it is not easy to win a girl's heart after you broke her trust. Haha...

Part 2

It's two weeks to final exam. Two freaking short yet long, long awaited yet dreaded, wonderful yet not-so-wonderful weeks. Is there anyway to go straight to after two weeks?:p

I'm worried or nervous about finals. I know there are much to be done but I dunno where to start.

I care about my grades and I want to make them better yet I'm not sure where am I standing right at the moment.

Which makes me feel emotionless and expressionless these few days.

Part 3

Disappointments are part of our life. Sometimes you just dunno what to feel anymore. We made the effort but we were not judged accordingly. We made the preparation yet somehow we failed to deliver up to our own expectation.

Sometimes personal expectations are harder to be filled compared or the expectation of others.

People often say that we should not compare ourselves to others as long as we did our best. Then I start questioning myself. What happens when I can't live up to my own expectation? How do I console myself and say that it is my best when I expected better of myself? Or am I suppose to result to accept the fact that I'm just not that good? Won't that turn into looking down on myself? Not so good to the already fragile self esteem. Haha...

A friend said that the fact that I put in more efforts is more important that the marks that I got. Come to think of it, it is true. I can control the amount of effort in put in but I can't control how will I be judged for it. But I could live with no regrets. :)

Ah, my mind keeping thinking over things. I wonder whether it is good or bad. Haha.. Maybe I should train it to think more chemistry stuff and make my life easier.:)

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