Tuesday, April 26, 2011


26th April 2011.
An interesting day to be remembered.
First of all, this is the first time I sat for two papers on a day for my finals. Okay, it is tiring but because the combination was Malaysian Studies and Testing and Calibration Methods, it wasn't that bad. I have to thank both lec turers for not making our life hard. :)

Testing and Calibration Method was suppose to take 3 hours but when I left the hall after 1 hour and 45 minutes circling A, B, C or D, I realized that there were many who left so much earlier. Lol. I was seated infront, hence I was oblivious to what was happening at the back.

Malaysian Studies, I was placed at a very wrong seat. I was showered with cold, cold air for 2 hours. Gosh. Even my nails turned blue.

But I had a nice dinner with the gang after that. I consider us being very hardworking if there are food involved as we walked all the way to KK4 to get the car and walked back to our own KK3 after we handed the car back. Haha.

Now, stories on finals aside.

To my dearest roomie, Joanne, HAPPY HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!!! :))))
Thanks for being a nice, sweet roomie for these two years, hopefully we can continue being roomies for the rest of our time in UMP. *fingers crossed*
Stay pretty and sweet, just the way you are now. And all the best in your finals too. Just two more days and it'll be over, for the both of us. :)))))

Hmm, Inorganic Chemistry II on thursday. I hope I forecast the questions correctly. And dear God, please please help me remember all the weird weird facts I've memorised and I'm trying to memorise. :))))

Me is really looking forward to after final. Out with the gang, Melaka, Seremban and Kl before I fly home and cure my homesickness. =/

Holiday, you're something I can wait for ever so patiently.

Hence, I shall get back to reading Inorganic Chem. To all my fellow comrades out there, all the best for you last paper too. And to everyone else who's facing finals, break a leg! :) God bless. :)

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