Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simply too fast. :(

For a second it was the beginning of a week. Where we all face monday blues and reluctantly dragged our lazy butts off the warm, cozy bed off to face whatever life has in store for us. Sometimes, the shinning, bright sun is there to greet us. At other times, the gloomy, cold rain greet us only making us feel more like going back to bed and snuggle under the blankets. 

The next second we looked at life, it is the end of the week. Whatever storm that came our way has passed. Smoothly or not, it means that we've survived. Alive and kicking, able to thank God gratefully or complain continuously. And it's when the lazy germs start to kick in, all we want is a chance to lie in and have a long, great break. 

Well, that's the purpose of weekends. I personally LOVE weekends! :) It's when I have the time to myself, to do whatever I want. 

But more often that not, they pass ever so quickly. I still have many undone things but my weekend is coming to an end soon. :( 

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