Monday, April 18, 2011

A Simple Prayer

The weather so kind, beautiful and gentle,
a good start to the day,composed of studying,
With a cup of green tea and notes on hand,
A well and productive day, is all that I hope.

Just a normal being,no special capabilities I have,
All that I want to achieve, hard work and brains are all I need,
A simple prayer, to the higher power I dedicate,
Guide me through my way, achievements I hope to gain.

In a room of four, I sat here studying,
An eccentric roommate with her eccentric singing,
Oh my blardy God, my ears are hurting, my brain stopped functioning,
It might just be moments my heart stop beating.

Stakes of notes on my table,piling and piling,
I need a brain with the best absoptivity, to swallow everything,
And the best discipline with full concentration,
Perfection I do not seek, but the best I hope to give.

Study mood, is the best drive of encouragement,
complemented with support from friends and family,
A healthy body and a fresh great mind,
The combinations I need are simple yet oblivious.

So dear God, I pray to you,
Provide me the strength to carry the tasks,
Keep me patient in overcoming the obstacles,
In you I pray, in you I believe.

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