Friday, April 1, 2011

Yet Another Week

Another week has come to its end again. Let’s do some light reflection on what happened in these few days.
Monday Blues.

I’m not working yet, but I have Monday blues too. :p

The blue was because I’m the first to present for the assessment for persuasive speech in my Public Speaking class.

The good thing of my presentation that day: I didn’t blank out during the speech and I was able to follow my script.

The bad thing of my speech: I spoke too fast, I took 6.30 minutes for it. I was targeting for something between 7-8 minutes.

Relieved I’ve completed yet another assessment, a little disappointed I have yet to be able to live up to my own expectations. Nonetheless, there’s always something to be learnt everyday. 


Tackling Tuesday

I was supposed to have 8am class. But my immune system failed me out of sudden, I was down with fever. I slept from 11.30pm to 10am straight. That’s slightly more than ten hours of sleep straight.
But I feel fine after that so I went to Malaysian studies class and Testing and calibration class in the afternoon. A day with few classes yet it is so largely spaced, it is tiring. Lol.

Classes are boring these days. Sigh. Life needs to be more challenging sometimes, to keep the excitement on. 


Whistling Wednesday

Class started with Testing and calibration quiz 4. Aww, quiz for this class is always nice.
Haha. Nevertheless, I’ve never scored three digits for this class yet. Lol.

Next class is Public Speaking class. No one volunteered to be the time keeper, so , yeah, I raised my hand.

Interesting excerpts from this session of assessment on persuasive speech.

“busy men, busy women…”
“it’s rich with…wait ar…”
“kuantan what what what…”
“other cities in other countries…”
I could have gotten more excerpts, but as I was the time-keeper, I couldn’t jot down much. 
Interesting topics during this session.
“Say No to Premarital Sex”
“Love marriage is for Today’s Generation”
“Internet Dating”
“Marry Young”
“Kuantan-No, Penang-Yes”
“Overseas is better than Malaysia”
“Malaysia is better than Japan”

I found something nice from pasar malam too. It’s called Nasi Dagang. I dunno why, but I liked it, a lot. 


Terrifying Thursday

Two tests in a day. Bad, is it?

Hmm. I thought so too, yesterday.

But today’s lab test is the best I’ve ever sat for in two years here. Quoting Miss Nurlin,” Yang siapa yang masih belum dapat jawab, boleh bincang. Tadi pun sudah ada yang bincang.”

OS class= time to talk. Haha.

Ah, chicken feet. I’ll never forget about chicken feet after today.

Second test of today, technopreneuship. Not supposed to peep, but we curi-curi peep. And I crapped a lot today.


Bye bye classes for this week. ‘HI’ my dear long weekend! I hope to make you a productive and fulfilling one. 

Oh, ya. Happy April Fool's Day! :) Have fun being pranking people and being pranked. Lol.

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