Monday, April 18, 2011

Sigh... Perhaps.... :(

My second post today. You might think that I'm too free. Be rest assured, I'm not. I just find that the best way to let all the bad vibes out of me is through here. :p

Okay, so meaning I had very bad vibes today. :p

Forget bout the singing thing, I'm over it now.

But let's see, I went for the sem I 2010/2011 Dean's List Award Ceremony just now. My third Dean's List.  And let me say it is one of the *inserts words that you choose* ceremony. I've no idea which word should I use to describe it. Including the time used for my journey to the Training Room, FIST Central Lab and back to my room and the ceremony itself, I think it took approximately 45 minutes. And it is during a study week, most of the recipients aren't even in uni. I  can't blame them, I would go home too if I could. If...

And I got my final marks for Organic Spectroscopy Lab. Another speechless, wordless comment. I failed to get an 'A' again. Note the word again. My fourth semester and the best I've managed was an 'A-.'

I better get back to my moon mining articles. They are surprisingly, quite interesting. :)

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