Monday, April 11, 2011

The 14th Week

The 14th week. Those who don't know might ask what. Those who know might say, what, so fast!??

Yes, dear all. It is the fourteenth week of our semester which marks the last week of lectures and classes. Indirectly it is also a BIG, HUGE SIGNPOST telling us FINAL EXAM is just around the corner.

So, what are you guys thinking about on the fourteenth week?

1. Yay! Holidays are here soon. :) *jumps up and down excitedly in an excited state*
2. Oh, NOOOO!!! Final exam is here! And I'm not prepared. Omigosh!!! *runs around like a headless chicken and bangs into the wall*
3. I'm going home, oh,I'm going home, I"M GOING HOME!!!!!!! :) Wheeeeee.... *cheering excitedly in yet another excited state*
4. What? I'm going to finish my second year? That's so fast. I'm going to MISHHHH all my friends. *partly sad/mixed emotions*

I'm sure they are all part of your response. I'm sure you might not know how to identify the feelings you're having at this moment.

No matter what you're feeling, I'm sure part of the opposite reactions are there as well. You miss your friends, yet you wanna be home. You're sad that your time in uni is getting shorter yet you're also excited to finish up the life of a student and explore the world outside. :)

Whatever it is, I wish all of you all the best in this final week as well as in the final exam that comes after that. :)

P/s: I've got a test, a quiz and an impromptu speech today. I'm not prepared, I'm not ready. Break a leg, peeps! :)
Oh, I'm getting addicted to coffee these days. Gah, they love messing up my biological clock. :p Or should I say, I let them mess up my biological clock, meh. :p

Lots of love,

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