Tuesday, February 21, 2012


10 days since I left home. It has been easier, the transitions in life. Leaving home, problems with others, I think my mind has more or less know how to react. I want to be like the bamboo trees. Standing straight on calm days, bending when the storm comes yet remaining strong. Not breaking down, ever. It's alright, I can accept the news. You don't have to treat me like the little girl who would cry when you refuse to give me sweets. :) There are more to me than you think you know.

A friend started work. She told me working is different, people expect you to know everything. Which makes me worry, whether I would know everything after I'm done with undergraduate studies. Will I live up to expectations? It's something to ponder, something to work for.

I've listen to rumors these few days. And based on reliable sources, they are true. And it makes me feel that once again,life is unfair. Unfair that some people get certain things that others desire in a much easier way, when we actually put in efforts.

Then again, who am I to say so? Who am I to judge?

I still believe in miracles, I still believe that if I tried, I would not have any regrets. And I'm holding on, hugging it close to my heart. Maybe I just need some motivations to hold on tighter.

At times like this, I miss childhood. Not only for the innocent and sense of security. I miss tagging along daddy. When daddy is all mine and I don't have to share him with work.

This can make me cry.

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