Saturday, February 25, 2012

#11 Hello Saturday! :)

It's the weekend again. Much awaited time by all, including me. :)
Well, it has been a good week I guess. Things have pretty much settled down, almost like a routine. With assignments and quizzes coming along. I need to put in more effort to be more disciplined. xP Lazy bump me. Hehe.

I read a nice blog this morning. The author certainly wrote it beautifully and it touched me, personally. It's about friends. All these years, I've met many friends. And no doubt, some have really left, deep, significant prints in me. They affected me, in one way or another. Sometimes when I sit down and stare into the blank empty air, flashes of the past came before me. I miss those moments.

But, as we grow older, as we get busier with our life, we tend to prioritize. Other factors like distances, studies and work just make us grow further away from each other. There has been moments one might have felt like taking out the phone, dial certain numbers and get close to each other, just like before. However as mentioned before, we each have our own priority. That is a little sad but maybe, that's life.

Perhaps it is like how we read a book. In a book, we meet some people and we are close to them. When the book ends, we open another and meet others.

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