Monday, February 20, 2012



It was a Friday evening where I invited a friend for a jog cum walk. The sun was setting, hence it was less bright. The cool breeze swept over me, refreshing and rejuvenating. The friend decided to take another route back to the hostel, not the usual one we walked. From far, I could see a little kitten playing at the foot of a tree. The uni guard looking on. As we neared, the guard told us, the kitten is a pitiful one. It got knocked by a car, hence a limp on one of its leg. But the kitten was happy. It attempted to climb the tree, like a normal kitten with no limp whatsoever.

Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain. :)

Dear kitty, may you leg heal fast and may you grow to be a happy cat. :)

The bookstore looked like it was just swept by tsunami. A minor tsunami. The queue at the cashier counters were long. At all the counters. Most of the essential items sold out.

It's hard to spend RM 200 with most of the things sold out.

I hate being given a deadline to spend. :(

I love brocolli. I had, I am and I will be loving it for a very very long time. :)))
Second week of uni is here. May it be a wonderful week for everyone. :)

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