Monday, February 27, 2012

#13 The Good and the Bad

The good.
Today is a Sunday, a beautiful one minus the heat that got a little unbearable in the afternoon. And the best thing today is my tummy is a happy one. Roomie came back from hometown with Muar's famous otak-otak. I had porridge for dinner, so that was my supper. Yummy, fishy, with a tinge of spiciness. :) And roomie came back with homemade bread too. Well, she insist it isn't bread. Something chinese. But it looks like bread to me, I shall call it bread. I'll save that for tomorrow's breakfast. :)

The bad.
Bro Albinus, who taught me Bible Knowledge when I was in Form 5 has lung cancer and he is going for surgery tomorrow in Singapore.

The image I have of Bro Albinus is a tall man with white hair wearing brown fuzzy slippers crossing the parking lot in St Joseph. I remember the sarcasms he injected in class. I remember the Christmas Open House he had in 2006.

I remember the time when I nearly fainted during BK mock exam, he let me retake the paper the next day.
Bro Albinus is a kind man. He offers free English Language classes, Literature in English classes and Bible Knowledge classes for free. He puts his heart into teaching.

When I was in Form 6, I still see him from time to time. And he still remember our names.
I am shocked to hear that he has lung cancer.
Pull through it Bro. Albinus, we'll be praying for you. :)

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