Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the days before I left Kuching.

The most awaited dreaded day after one whole semester. Results were released on this day. From the moment I woke up, I was like in a mess. It wasn't right to eat, it wasn't right to sleep, it wasn't right to do anything. It was supposed to be released at 12 pm. However, by the time I managed to peak at my results, it was already 5.30pm.

Result wasn't superb, but for it I'm still grateful and thankful.

To you who gave me lots of support especially in the beginning of the semester, for putting up with my many idiotic, noisy chatters, thank you.
To you who have been a constant company most of the night I was up and giving me endless advice and electronic hugs, thank you too.
To you-s who have been my company the whole semester, with many ups and downs, helping out endless time, I am extremely thankful and glad.
To you, my studying partner during the study week, the endless chats, laughter, meals, revisions and discussions, a big thank you too.

Ex-colleagues decided to have a dinner with me before I left Kuching. It was just a normal dinner, nothing fancy but it was a happy dinner. They and their 19-year-old thoughts was certainly hilarious and it did brighten up my day.
Thank you for the heartfelt treat. :)

I wanted to go to town for a little walk. The rain came and ruined my day. No more trip to town for Ellie. :(

For the first time the whole holiday, I was awake at 8am. xP I went to my ex-workplace at Satok to help a friend buy something. And I saw my boss.
Boss said, "Eh, holiday again ar? So nice always holiday hor. "
Supervisor say," She want to go back study lor. "
Friend and I went to had breakfast at Kluang Station in Spring. She introduced "cham" tea mixed with coffee. Not bad. :) Then we went to MPH Bookstore, coz she was hunting for a book. And we had milk tea with little pearls.

At 12pm we went to fetch her little bro from school, then we had lunch. She wanted me to try the Dayak Home Cooked food at King's Centre but it wasn't opened so we had Tom's pizza, Margherita Pizza.

The people at Melilea messed our appointment so we went to her house. After the appointment, she sent me back home. But I had no keys to go in the house and she doesn't want to leave me alone so she sent me to my ex-workplace.

Turned out mum was at home in the kitchen.

I'm glad you finally came clean with me. It's true I can't help much. But at least I can be a friend and lend you my ears.
Life doesn't end until we are dead. :)

When I booked my flight,it was a 6.15am flight. One month before the flight, it was rescheduled to 6.05am. On the day of my flight, the plane had to be sick. And I could only fly at 9.50am.

I reached uni at 6pm and proceeded with the cleaning up. Ants are a nuisance. I am not sorry for killing you, six-legged things.

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