Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A busy busy day today. 
Lab from 9am to 12pm. Class from 2pm to 6pm, inclusion of a much-dreaded-but-glad-it didn't-turned-out-that-badly quiz. More class (replacement class) from 8.30pm to 10pm. 

Plus I think it has been a long time I actually send a text to a friend saying that I'm stressed. Lol. 
Life is so packed and tiring these days. Certainly, part of the reason is that much more is expected of third year students, I guess.

But recent conversations with several others had shed more light on the current life I'm leading. I'm not alone and I'm not the one who is not so comfortable with the on-going transition. I'm a little glad know that I'm not the odd one out and that what I'm facing is also a fact placed right in front others in the same boat as me. It certainly gave me the courage to go on and hold on, to keep trying and trying and not get tired of this life. 

"Life is like a beautiful song, only it's lyrics are messed up."

Sidenote : Glad and happy to have someone who listen to my woes. :)))))))))

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