Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Special break for Deepavali started last Friday. Unlike those whose hometown are nearer to uni, I don't get to go home( no hard feelings here, just stating the fact).

I offcially have the whole room to myself last night. It's a good thing I guess, as I really have lots of studying to do for mid-term tests. ( Notice the 'S'? )

Well, last saturday, I joined a trip to Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru to attend the Bon Odori Festival. Bon Odori Festival is actually mid-summer celebration. Japanese food was sold and there were lots of performances. Their performances were awesome. :)) Energetic. Full of feelings. They really put their heart into it. I took part in the Bon Odori dance too.*beams*

The funny thing bout this trip, the bus driver doesn't know his way. Plus he took us to UTM in Skudai. So we had to depend on GPS to get our way there and also our way back. LOL.

By the time I reached UMP, it was 3.30am. I slept till 11am. =p

Sunday was supposed to be peaceful. Unfortunately, we got this bad news that my coursemate and her friend were involved in an accident the night before. We went to the hospital to visit her. Glad that her condition isn't that serious but she'll need time for recovery. Praying for her to have a speedy recovery with no complications. :)

After the visit, we went to Tutti Frutti. Hmm, not bad lah. Original flavour is still the best. :)))

I hate those spells when low blood pressure strikes me. I feel dizzy and I might faint. Fatigue follows. And then headache that can last for how long it wanna last.:(

To my dear friends who were with me, sorry for scarring you guys. But thanks for all the help and assistance given. :)

P/s: Wanna talk but dunno what to say. :(

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