Friday, October 21, 2011

The End of Another Week

Finally, another week has come to an end. Never knew since when, the days in a week began to rush through, like the ferocious wind that came to sweep down all the trees. Never realise how I started to spend less time in my room, like the bee that goes out in the morning to collect the honey and only come home at night. Never discovered that human's biological clock can be manipulated. I used to have afternoon naps but I no longer have the luxury of time to do so these days.

When the week comes to an end with no more classes on Fridays, I still feel binded. Binded like a rope tying me to a chair. When the word quiz is formed on the lips of lecturer, especially certain lecturer, I feel like there's someone pulling the rope tighter and tighter on the end. Oh, I forgot to mention, lab reports are always there every week to accompany no matter how much I detest them. :(

Mid- sem test approaching, like how the cloud that brings the rain is looming. Remember how one can always smell the rain as it is slowly making its way before it arrives with a big splash?

It may sound like a distant, a week. But I guess before I know it, the week is already here. Add another blink, that week is over. At this point, I'm afraid I might not have enough time to actually do all the studying and reading.

Nevertheless, I won't know how much I can achieve without trying, right? :)))

I guess this will also serve as a reminder for me to work hard. :)

P/s: I know what I promised you. I will keep my promise. :)))

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