Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life ;)

Like a boat with an oar,
God sat in it and steered it with the oar
To south, east north or west
We’re like passengers, sitting in it with a vest.

Sunny, windy, rainy or stormy
Flowers, trees, water and creatures
Witnessed by the eyes, the other great creations
As life goes on, we go through many things

The journey in the boat, can sometimes be bumpy
Things underwater, not seen but making merry
Clear in some places, in other places murky
The water that we tread on, slowly and silently

But god is ever mighty
His skills are definitely worthy
So well and complete the journey
Staying afloat the boat, capsizing not a worry.

Every path and journey we went
God’s right there, wherever you are, whatever you do
Trust that it’s a good day, no matter where, no matter when
Everyday is a great day, if only you believe in it.

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