Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fb Hiatus

Okay, I've been meaning to do a fb hiatus for quite sometime. But I've been meaning to do in it my heart only, not in action.

I chatted with someone on msn last night. That was when I realise that I should really try. I think I've been too much of this social network addict, I really need some rest. I dunno how long I would maintain this hiatus. But a few days of break is better than none.

I'm sure that no one even realized that I deactivated my account. LOL. Not surprised though. I just want a break from all these happenings lately. Quoting one of my friend, Fb is not longer a place merely for socialising and keeping in touch with friends anywhere. It has become a place to show off. How true.

Anyway, I think that probably blogging is better than facebooking. But I guess it kinda depends on each and everyone out there.

P/s: Ellie is such a pig today. She slept during lunch time. =p

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