Saturday, February 26, 2011


During my section's public speaking first assessment on informative speech, one of them used a quote. He said that," When at home, we are dependent on our families, but when we are outside, we are dependent on our friends."

I think it was a chinese proverb, or something like that. I truly agree with what he said.

Especially at a time like this, when we are all away from home. No more running to mummy if anything happens. No more throwing tantrums anytime and anywhere or anyhow. No more screaming or shouting to let go of the anger. Because we are all away from home and there's limited privacy.

I used to think that I will not be able to trust anyone much. But I was wrong. Seriously wrong.

Trust is like a tree. When one break another's trust, it is like breaking the tree. It is hard to let the tree grow again.

Some people can influence you so much, sometimes you don't even realise it.

I believe this is the path of life that God planned for us. There are times when we are down, but after that there will be a time when we are all happy.

It's like the rainbow after the rain.

But rain isn't that bad too. There's something to learn in the rain. =)

P/s: Ellie is exteremely happy today.=)))))

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