Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#26 Ramblings

So, today is Tuesday. What's the big deal with Tuesday you might ask. Nothing actually. I no longer have Monday blues since I no longer have 8am classes since 7 weeks ago. Friday isn't an exceptional joy ever since I no longer have classes on Friday for quite some time.

But today is a pretty happy day, apart from the fact I felt dizzy and nauseated. But it's okay. green tea helped, a lot. And finally I satisfied my cravings for apples. Now I'm craving for brocolli. Well, anything green and fresh in fact. This is one thing the uni's cafe will never satisfy me in my 4 years here.

And somehow or rather the long chats I had with the Kl kulat replayed in my mind several times ever since I was back. I have since came to conclusion that we, maybe Teresians are an aggressive lots, commonly known as the machine gun. I've came to the realization that I'm not the only one and I would not be the last. To those out there who've feared my machine gun, please stay away from other Teresians as well. We are all trained to be like that. Do not be fooled by the sweet and demure look my friend has. Try pissing her off and you shall suffer the same fate her ex-boyfie had, nearly 5 years after they end their relationship. Well, basically she shoots like me. Hahaha...

I've learn to accept that this is one difference between us and the others and I'm proud of it. I will not tame down for anyone. :)))

Have a nice mid semester break, peeps! :)

P/s: Okay, I like words, memorizing is my passion (well, one of my passions) but polymer is a pain in the ass. Sigh.

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