Sunday, April 15, 2012

#30 Specially for YOU :)

I seldom do birthday post. I do remember birthdays, I thought of doing birthday posts. But somehow or rather the words always get jumbled up, I end up not doing.

Well, today I shall do one.

To YOU, my dearest friend whom I sat with for my entire life in an all girls school, the one who knew me inside out, the one who watched me fall academically, helped picked me up, the one whom I relate too, the one who patiently taught me maths and english, the one I had fun building water rocket.... The list is endless...


Time really flies. I meet you when I was thirteen and now you're twenty three. We've been friends for a decade. Gosh, that makes me feel old. But all these years, you've been truly a friend. Maybe after we started uni, we've less contact. But everytime I have a conversation with you, I've never felt that we lost any part of our friendship. And I guess that's the best thing bout true friends. No matter how far we are apart or how long have we not chat, nothing in our friendship changed. 

And for everything that you've done as a friend all these years, I thank you from the dept of my heart. I thank God too, for blessing me with you. For a friend is truly a gift indeed. And even if you're not the bestest I've ever had, you hold a special spot in my heart that no one will ever replace. 

For your twenty third birthday, I wish that you have a great celebration and all the best in your studies. :)) I wish that everything goes well with your work and no matter what stress you face, you'll be able to overcome it and come out stronger. Stay gorgeous and sweet. :))

Btw, we really need to meet up and chat! Haha.. See ya when I'm back! Till then, cheers! xD


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