Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking forward

Ah, it's such a depressing weekend. I've got assignments to do but having assignments aren't the worst part. The worst part is not knowing how to complete the assignment. Especially Thermodynamics.

On the other hand,July is coming to an end. I'm hoping that August would be a better month. There are several things going on for August. First event would be the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology dinner. I paid Rm 35 for it. It's supposed to be held af Bukit Gambang Resort, or so I heard. Not really my thing. But since I've experinced many first times here, why not let it be another first time?=) After all, my coursemates would be around, there'll be laughter, jokes and joy!=)

Next thing will be a in-the-process-of-planning Genting trip, also with my coursemates. It is still in the process as i mentioned but I sure hope the plan works out. I've never been to Genting yet. Another first time.

And at the end of August would be my coursemate's 21st birthday. So there'll be a party at his house.

But, in between those events, there are no doubt quizzes, tests, assignments and many other things that need to be completed. I just hope I'll manage to juggle them well. I really want to at least maintain my result.

Ellie is having Lee Fah Mee Sarawak Laksa Flavoured instant noodle for dinner tonight.=)

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