Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in UMP(3rd semester)

“Ah, still got long time to go lah….” I said that when I first when back to Kuching and when my people question when will I return to Pahang.

The long time finally came to and end and yesterday I boarded Air Asia AK 5205 1155am plane to Kuala Lumpur.

It wasn’t a good day to travel, I would say.

First of all, Air Asia decided to upgrade their system on this day and passenger are advised to check in 3 hours earlier. But it wasn’t necessary actually so I was already at the airport around 8 something in the morning.

Secondly, the flight got delayed. I was supposed to arrived at LCCT at 1.35 pm but when I reached it was already 2.45pm. And to wait for my luggage took ages too.

Thirdly, I though I was on the same flight as Charlotte. It turned out her flight is one hour later.

By the time I reached UMP, it was 10.30 pm. Thanks to senior Chen Thai, I managed to get back all my stuff last night too. But I was dead tired. Carrying all my stuff up to third floor is no fun at all.

Today is the first day of first semester, second year. It was a good day, I think.
My first class was at 10am with Dr. Amin lecturing Instrumentation Method. He has this Indonesian slang when he talk so sometimes I’m not so sure what he was saying. But he tried to make jokes so it was an okay class.

The next class was at 5pm with Pn. Munirah, my lecturer for Ethics Relations. She was great, we laughed throughout the class. =)

Hmm, what I really hope?

To be able to obey what I wrote. =)

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