Monday, July 19, 2010


I should have paid more attention to Physics when I was in Form 4 and Form 5. Sigh... I never knew studying Industrial Chemistry won't grant me freedom from Physics. Sigh... I guess all I can do is work HARDER this sem to avoid being MURDERED by Thermodynamics. Soooo much physics in it. I can't even complete the first exercise decently. SAD...=(

Instrumentation method. I think I need some more time to know what I'm reading. Haha... At least I have a proper book for it. I just need to be PATIENT and spend more time to decipher what it is all about.

Industrial management. Ah... this should be all about memorising. I hope I'm right.

I'm praying to God to keep me strong and overcome all the obstacles that come by my path. Dear God, I have faith in you and I believe what you plan for me are the best. I shall STRIVEEEE harder this sem. Partially to make sure I still stay in Dean's List. The rest is too satisfy my personal craving of "kiasuness" spirit implanted from being a Teresian. Haha...

Ellie's tummy is still refusing UMP cafe's cooking. Perhaps it is still craving for those mouth watering dishes back home. Oh well, dear tummy, you still have to wait till I get back in September.

Ellie better get back to "what are management processes". 46 days to go.=)

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