Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had fever and a sorethroat on Mon. By noon,the fever had subsided. On Tue,I no longer had sorethroat. But I was kinda losing my voice. On Thurs, I start to develop cough. Its Wed of the following week and I'm still coughing terribly. I feel sick.

But in uni,there's such thing of having a good rest if you're sick,eh? Quizzes still go on,you still have to submit your assignments, you still need to complete the tutorials given and most important of all,FINALS is coming. God,how did time flew so fast.

I'm looking forward to go home at the end of April. I'm not looking forward for the finals before I can go home.

I got my third quiz paper for statistics back. I got 9 out of a total mark of 10. So glad for it since I only scored 6 for the first two quizzes. There is another quiz tomorrow. Hopefully I can score well too. =)

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