Saturday, March 6, 2010


A long time indeed since I last updated this blog. Studies may be part of the reason I do not update this blog,yet deep down in my heart I know that it was just procrastination.

Well,it has been a busy week after being back from the mid-term cum CNY holidays. There were tests and quizzes to study for ( typical student life),the UMP CNY '10 event and also assignments and tutorials to complete,as usual.

UMP CNY '10 was a three day event. The first two days were carnival consisting of foods and also games with performances. I am part of the food and beverages unit but due to the lack of manpower,I was shifted to the carnival food unit to help out with the drinks stall. A few times of drinks were sold namely, orange juice, wheatgrass juice, flower tea, green bean soup and tang yuan. Business wasn't that good. I wasn't so sure why. Probably because chinese are the minorities and the other races aren't so sure whether the food are edible? *shrugs*
The third and also the last day,carnival was held in the morning while at night a dinner was held at Mexica Garden Restaurant at Kuantan. In the morning,I was assigned to be the 'dulang' girl helping the usher,Phoebe to carry the dulang during the opening ceremony and also during the prize giving ceremony. For the dinner,I was part of the ushering team.
To me, the carnival was an interesting one with many exotic items to witness. I even had the chance to learn how to play mahjong. Lol... the dinner had awesome performance. I felt particularly proud when the bumiputras from sabah and sarawak went onstage to perform the traditional dance. But it was a tiring weekend. I couldn't wake up for 8 am lab on mon morning. That marks the first class I skipped this semester.

Yesterday was yet another interesting day. I woke up at 3 am to meet up with my coursemates as we had industrial visit to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and also Malaysia Institute of Nuclear Research, both located at Bangi. We went to NIOSH first and we were given a briefing,which I listened too sleepily. Lunch was taken at McD while the Muslim guys went to UKM for the praying session. That afternoon we went to MINT and guess what,it rained out of sudden. I was so happy to see that it was raining. Before we departed back to UMP,we were brought to The Mines to have dinner. At around 8.30 pm we came back to UMP and reached around midnight.

That was not the end of the day. I entered my room and found out that softboard had been put up in my room and they chose the wall behind my locker to be the spot. Thus I had to shift my table and locker in the middle of the night.

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