Sunday, March 14, 2010


The problem I dreaded most has finally hit me. Fortunately,it was just for a short time and water supply is back to normal. It started last night when heard my roommate says that the water supply is getting weaker. Li Ting and I then took our pails and when to the block behind and discovered that they still have strong water supply. We filled up our pails as well as Joanne's and I went for another bath plus a washing spree.

This morning I was awaken by them, saying that the block behind too has no water supply. We then went for a survey and discovered that C4 and beyond are not affected yet. So for my bath this morning,I went two blocks away that still had water.

Fortunately, the water supply resumed after about 2 hours.I am so glad.=) But it better rain from now and then to avoid this problem from arising again.

Yesterday and today I had the room to myself mostly.And I enjoyed it, the space and the silence. After all,I had quite a lot of assignments to finish.

Lab safety assignment.
Statistics tutorial.
Statistics assignment.
Lab report.
Analytical tutorial.
Inorganic reading.

My coursemates are planning a trip to Sungai Lembing next fri. Hopefully,it menjadi. So I can have some fun with them. I booked my flight to go back after the semester ends. I'll be home on 30th April.=) Time really pass without us realising it. Just in about one month, I'll be sitting for finals again. So I guess I really have to be more serious and focus if I want that Dean's list again.

Dear God,please help and guide me when I'm studying and help me understand well. Thank you God for all your blessings thus far.=)

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