Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Month

Ah...january is already a history...
The begining of a new month. Hopefully,the begining of the better days.

I skipped the Majlis Amanat Naib Chancellor this morning. And I'm glad I did that. Class only started at 2pm and as usual I've no idea what the analytical chemistry teacher was mumbling in front. Statistic class got cancelled so I was free till 5pm. I spent my time in the library instead trying to understand anaytical chemistry but I wasn't sure on how successful was my mission. Next up was inorganic chemistry. And I had lab from 8pm and we were released an hour earlier about 10 pm instead of 11pm. Such a relief....

Starting next week,my lab class will be moved back to the morning. So I'll have 8 am class on monday morning. Darn...

I've been piled with so many assignments,works,tutorials,tests and quizzes,I felt immune to it. I wonder why.

When I say immmune doesn't mean that I like them. But I no longer give them the reaction I used to give.

Analytical chemistry quiz on wednesday.
Statistics test on thursday.
Windows movie maker presentation on thursday.
Lab report to be handed in on monday.
Inorganic chemistry test next week.
Laboratory safety assignment due on monday.
Analytical chemisrty tutorial.
Fitness class 50 pages assignment.

Ellie Teo has to be a God or God alike person to accomplish these tasks.

On a lighter note,I'll be home in another 12 days!!! Wheee...=)

Anyways,that's all for now. My class is at 10 am tomorrow but I'll be going to the library to be tutored for analytical chemistry at 8.30 am. Good night!=)

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