Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A lousy and dissapointing day.

I was supposed to have a presentation for technical writting today. But I didn't present in the end as we didn't have enough time. Sigh..... That means that I still have to wear baju kurung on thurs.

Islamic institution test. I flunked it. I have absolutely no idea which answer to choose although it was a multiple choice test. Sigh...

Inorganic chemistry class. Hard to explain. Sigh...

Analytical chemistry class. This is interesting. We've long ago stopped listening to her lecture. And about half an hour into today's lecture she complained that we were noisy and said there is no point for her to continue the class. And out she went.

And off we went to the next class too. Lol...

The last class for today,statistics class. I was allowed to go off earlier since I finished my tutorial quesstions.=)

Now,I'm reading Inorganic chemistry again. I've got a test tomorrow night. And I really pray that I can fill up the paper. I'm putting high hopes on it. So I'd better continue working on it while I still have the time. =)

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