Friday, February 12, 2010

The holidays are here!!!

Yippieeee!!! As I am writing this,I'm crawled on my bed,relaxing. Lol...Its friday today and I don't have class since yesterday afternoon. Because the holidays are here. I'll be going to KL tmr afternoon and spend the night at KLIA before flying back to kuching on Sunday. Wheeee....Feeling so high at the moment. Haha...

The whole gang sent Li Ting to the bus stop last night,Chee this morning,later it'll be geraldine's turn followed by Joanne tonight. Most people in uni are gone already. But it's okay,at least I get to go home. One week,for just one week.I still don't understand why we get one week of holiday for CNY yet there are two weeks of holiday for Raya.

Let's see what are my plans for CNY... first of all, I need proper food. Haha... other than that,I want to bermanja for a week and be the little baby of the house. I know it sounds very childish,but I am not ready to grow up.

I think that's all I have in mind at the moment.

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